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PUBG: NEW STATE is a new generation battle royale that has received a lot of improvements and has become the most anticipated game this year. Participants can be the first to enter this vast world and take part in battles for 100 people. They survive in teams or alone, but not everyone can become a hero. Even more different weapons and vehicles to move faster on the maps. Scaling 8×8 kilometers and very realistic atmosphere. Everyone who now launches the latest Pubg will be able to get an indescribable experience from the engines and systems that were used by the developers.

 Coupon Codes 2022 September
All Codes Expiration date
QWSJ7DVIARH October 10, 2022
U6ER2WBY1M November 13, 2022
Z1TLKMU0B October 18, 2022
7OSP5Q3B2FV November 5, 2022
0BLW9QHD6AX8 November 1, 2022
DY34O2MVIBR November 12, 2022
DZ0K57T8PH1 October 25, 2022
6S9HAY4O8C October 4, 2022
2H659NWFE November 15, 2022
QMO1FYX72KJ October 13, 2022
BZ7RATMJE21C October 14, 2022
LMCDBA7GIOK November 17, 2022

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