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It seems that photo hunting games are becoming more and more popular. New Pokémon Snap and TOEM came out last year, and one of the first releases of this was Pupperazzi, a photographer’s adventure in a world where there is no place for cats, only dogs everywhere.

Cats have nothing to do here

Without any preamble, we seem to find ourselves in a paradise for a dog lover – the dogs talk to us, issue tasks, ask for help and willingly make contact. All without voiced cues and with mediocre music. We carry out assignments in one small region and can open the map to teleport to another.

There are many tasks, and almost all of them are related to photographing either dogs or the surroundings. You will visit a canyon with active geysers, a promenade with shops, a beach and other locations. They are united by the fact that everywhere “good boys” are busy with their own affairs – although people sometimes meet, there is a feeling that they are pets in this world, and not vice versa. Dogs ride bikes, have fun in the skate park, relax in hammocks and kill time in the arcade.

Pupperazzi: Overview

Dogs can even be found on rooftops.

The tasks are appropriate: either take a picture of the dog while he is busy with the specified business, or take a picture of the attraction. What is most disappointing about Pupperazzi is the overly straightforward nature of the errands. In the games mentioned earlier, quests were designed in the form of puzzles: in New Pokémon Snap, you had to experiment with Pokémon and lures, in TOEM, you looked around the location and tried to figure out what was meant. Sometimes it was annoying (in the reviews of both games I put this mystery in the shortcomings), but here everything is completely primitive.

When you are asked to clean up the skate park from garbage, you literally have to grab the scattered bags and take them to the tank. When you need to find an artist in the park, it will literally be a dog standing with a brush in front of an easel. Because of this, the gameplay turns into a routine – it is very rare to strain the gray matter, primitive assignments cause boredom. And you need to complete them in large quantities – the more often you complete tasks, the sooner you will open access to new locations. Plus, you can visit the old ones at other times of the day: in the morning, afternoon, evening and at midnight.

Pupperazzi: Overview

Quest comments never contain anything funny or interesting.

Not so heavenly

As a photography simulator, Pupperazzi isn’t impressive either. The game offers a standard set: the ability to switch to portrait shooting, various lenses that change the color of the film, and so on. The desire to use all this arises only in those cases when instructions so require. The pictures are not so hot – the graphics are stylized, but not so pretty that you want to collect photos.

The developers obviously tried to make the gameplay interesting, but many mechanics are not brought to mind. For example, there are a lot of toys that you can throw at the dogs – from sticks to frisbees. And yes, you can pet the dogs! Their mood will rise, they will be more willing to look into the lens if you pay a lot of attention to them. But, again, without the appropriate tasks, you don’t want to do this, and the variety of toys does not make the gameplay itself more diverse.

You can turn in the completed task right at the same place where you took the picture.

The mechanics of publishing pictures seem to be just as crude. As such, there is no social network here – you just post a photo in an incomprehensible place, you immediately get a couple of likes with comments, one or two subscribers appear, and that’s it. Further, your picture seems to not exist and does not receive any attention. In this regard, even the failed The Good Life seemed more interesting.

Pupperazzi: Overview

Comments like this make me want to create.

Pupperazzi’s idea is fun, but the execution sucks. Perhaps the developers should have studied these games better and tried to understand what the audience likes about them. The authors and locations have created large ones, and several dozen species of dogs have been added, and they have not forgotten about camera modifications, but the gameplay is a little boring. Completing tasks quickly turns into work, there is no desire to use most of the mechanics – as a result, you just regret the time spent. Not a complete failure, but it’s hard not to compare the game with other representatives of the genre, especially since everything is done better in them.

Pros: dozens of dog breeds and the ability to stroke each of them; running around locations is fun when you explore them for the first time.

Cons: boring, primitive assignments quickly turn the gameplay into a routine; the idea with comments and likes has not received proper development; graphics even taking into account the styling is so-so; lack of fresh ideas.

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