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If you have pets at home, you probably wondered what they do in your absence. The game Puppy Life – Secret Pet Party will help you imagine a similar situation.

List of Cheats CodeExpiration date
OBQW79ZGA5DSeptember 15, 2022
TZSHQV59O1September 13, 2022
0Z2B3NMO1September 10, 2022
Q3ED2MJGHL6September 25, 2022
0AN38HGRY9ZUAugust 20, 2022
BYL86XQWF2ASeptember 16, 2022

The Chinese company Coco Play Limited has done the almost impossible by creating a very bright, simple and realistic game that will help you pass the time and teach your children how to handle pets.

This simple but very addicting game lets you choose one of 12 fluffy puppies and throw a party where he will be the main character. You can sing and talk with the puppy: he will repeat every word you say. In addition, the puppy can turn on his favorite music so that he dances an incendiary dance.

Each puppy can be dressed in unusual costumes and complemented with original accessories. But we must not forget that entertainment requires a lot of strength, so the pet needs to be fed and treated periodically if it gets sick. After active entertainment, the puppy will definitely need a bath.

The game also allows you to accumulate bonus points that you can use to buy furniture and toys for your puppy’s room.

Puppy Life – Secret Pet Party is free to play, but some additional items and upgrades are paid.

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