Codes - Updated on November 22, 2022

Puzzle Breakers is a colorful mobile game with dynamic battles and a variety of content. Gather a team of legendary heroes and go to fight in fierce pvp battles. Join clans, unite with friends and rush into combat raids on mighty monsters hiding countless treasures. Here, every day, thousands of players in real time come into confrontation. Solve simple puzzles and defeat numerous opponents while enjoying an amazing virtual world.

Puzzle Breakers
 Codes 2022 November 11.2.0
All Codes Expiration date
AQBS0ZG2YNT December 15, 2022
A3EUKC1TS0 December 2, 2022
YVDE5TIW4 December 18, 2022
OW5Z6CFY3G1 December 19, 2022
3OTI1P7M8YVF December 4, 2022
8U7GF2RS06B December 5, 2022
D0V84GL26B7 December 31, 2022
18KU9BO6EC December 23, 2022
7ODQ1YRSE November 29, 2022
RZ7DFJ3QPCW January 16, 2023
JXR5BAHVUFO2 January 7, 2023
8IHPO1GNZX0 December 1, 2022

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