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The world is full of historical magic and legendary warriors. A great treasure was born the second the world began. I must get it in your hands. Avid gamers must overcome the equivalent message of danger. Danger lurks everywhere at night. Evil treasures, monsters at night appeared.

Puzzle & Defense Codes

Reflective observation and concern for the situation are primarily based on positive time. Create achievements and set information from your fun with mannequins. Instantly find detailed hints from the game that is driving the gamer market crazy.

Puzzle & Defense

Defend the territory you are residing in. Please save the situation when people are being oppressed by demons. Conquer heroes everywhere with equally noble beliefs. Willing to sacrifice himself for a righteous faith. Change instantly into a legend living in a land full of magic. Be brave to instantly change into a metal warrior. You have to have it all after profit, big downside.

Extremely high quality graphics

Graphics that Puzzle & Defense: Match 3 game brings to customers. Will immerse you in this fantasy world. Once experienced, you will probably be attracted by the visual phases that score 10. Released with extremely aesthetically pleasing graphics. So the game has been marketed by companies in unlimited quantities. Most of the customers have half the price this is a plus.

Tower of battle and growth

Fight your way through your most epic battles. Use battle towers to double your current strength. Continually enhance and renew your safety towers. Allows you to fully perform missions of high difficulty. You can get resources after each completion of tower worth. To avoid damage affecting this trump card.

Raise your chosen warrior

Start collecting resources after each monster defeat. The number of rewards decreases after your battles. Will increase in proportion to the release period. After that, the number of suppliers needed was quite small. That’s why customers should work hard in this digital world. Play as a commander with an extremely high IQ.

What do you prepare without immediately downloading the Puzzle & Defense: Match 3 game to your device. Title your friends into the game to fight together. Create mainly perhaps the most epic match in your pleasure with previous history.

Download ( V1.1.8 )
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