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Puzzle Quest 3 is a continuation of a unique role-playing puzzle game in which numerous battles await you. The fantastic kingdom of Etheria is always glad to see new heroes. Descend into dark dungeons, defeat all enemies and collect valuable rewards. Follow the development of the storyline, develop the hero’s skills and solve numerous puzzles. Hundreds of weapons and armor, interesting daily tasks, regular updates and a wonderful atmosphere – this game will give you a lot of positive emotions and will always help pass the time.

Puzzle Quest 3
 Promo Codes (2022 December)
All Codes Expiration date
2LGN1JKEZDH December 27, 2022
0XRJN3WVZG November 12, 2022
F201TBPJ4 November 4, 2022
FZPAU7BGWIE December 27, 2022
16RLSW73YPXF November 17, 2022
64VZ2W1JBQE October 29, 2022
K9X57CBU60Q November 28, 2022
LPQD065EMS December 13, 2022
UB2JDYK96 December 9, 2022
1T2BESC8594 December 2, 2022
A3W8ZYL74RDK December 2, 2022
6OYH8SBJF27 December 28, 2022

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