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Puzzles & Survival’s all-new Forest Change is obtainable now! The survivors combating Survival in a zombie-infested world are coping with a model new threat: An infinite mutated serpent. As a result of the deteriorating ambiance, mutated vines encroach upon our sanctuary, and we could also be attacked at any time.

A battle is erupting, and in addition, you are all invited to take part! Participate in time-limited events to earn superior rewards. Use the current code [pnsforest] to acquire free supplies so that we can defend our homes and households alongside totally different avid gamers across the globe.

Puzzles and Survival Mod APK 7.0.93 (Unlimited Everything)

Commercails suck ! As does the game.. Unstoppable files getting downloaded fake game. I have downloaded this APP but I have not started playing yet I will come back with a update on my rating for now I'll rate it a 3. Fake ads. Same repeative story as any 1000000th game.. The ads for this game are obnoxious! They interrupt the music I have playing in the background while I play other games. And then you have to close the ad like 6 times for it to clear. Hot garbage!. The game is rigged. The algorithm is purposely designed to lag your attacks and give your opponents time to obliterate your players. Then if you tap your phone to a point where you almost break it, the game goes into thinking. Really?? Designed for you to lose or take heavy hits and get destroyed..

The game is totally different from the Advertisement.. Its just a sims game and just a copy of one of the 100 million that have hundred hours of building a empire and very little attacking and absolutely nothing in the ads is in the lie. Wish is just disgusting' deceiving and extra greasy. Dont waste your time. The game but what about. The figthers you just make fighting the zombies hard I know that games get harder but not to this extant many if you make maching deal just if not most of the time the zombies fifth with other than that thecquiz is you give us in the game are hard and you give us only half a minute to answer also I feel like that some of the figthers as in the zombies are delt different damage differently this is crazy also the game says that there's some one strongerbutIthinksbull. Please don't make ads like that. Or try to give the gameplay what you make in ads. Adds are misleading, game mechanics are not like advertised. This is just another cow clicker, there are no puzzles, no story..

Too many ads. Couldn't connect to server.. This game blows!! Nothing but tutorials and city building. I guess i should blame myself for falling for the ads that say "this is the only game that is just like the ad". In reality it's nothing to like the ads. Disappointed. Used to be a good game. But the game staff made the game inferior with all the additional features instead of sticking to what already was working. I gave up my castles that I dumped a lot of money into because it is not worth playing anymore. Most players do not want to fight or war. I used to blame the players for not being War Game players but honestly cannot blame them because for 1 The Game gives you & your team way too much to do it is more a Task Game than War Game.. Love the game just wish some buildings didn't take hrs to build unless you have speed ups. You can play without paying but very slow and everyone can kill you.

Time delay is a bit irritating otherwise nice game. Great game! Unfortunately it runs slow on my older device. But I really enjoy the twist of zombie match three in a MmO. Nice game and little bit scare but I am enjoying . If you guys put as much energy in false ads as you did actually creating the experience you promise, you'd have a decent game.. Great game, good graphics and easy to play!!!.

I love the puzzles & it reminds me of Starcraft. Great Game.. Absolutely nothing like the ads for the game. Even if the game is good, it starts out so different game than the game I came here to play, I can't even bring myself to try it.. Much more cinematic than most in the genre. Not at all tedious to grind!. Love this game and the graphics are out of this world.keep up the greatest game I have played so far.. Addictive and fun. One transparent timestealer. And difficulty is optimum: it is hard as it should be: need to think to not lose. I am satisfied with this game. It is a game, unlike many other "games" for mobile phones. Bye!.

Just started playing, so far it's been a fun time. I think I spent to much money on it.. The ads I've seen for this game are so insulting to my intelligence that I came here to write a review. They purposely play the little level they show in the dumbest way possible because it irks viewers and makes them want to correct the mistakes. It's psychological advertising at its worst and now I hate everyone involved in making this game. Will never download.. The ads make it seem very interesting to play... It's not, it's honestly pretty boring, no zombies come running at you or anything. I uninstalled after I tried to log in to game and it kept showing an error. It was honestly a waste of time.. Best game I can relax to and enjoy. It is a great game but its not like the ads show single player escaping from prison I have yet to experience.

Good game play keeps me hooked.. A lot different from what I'm use to. But, it's very addicting and exciting. Not bad. But time will tell... If you wanna be a badly voiced macho man who's treated like a simpleton and is surrounded by bimbos, this game might be for you. Personally, I think the falsely advertised game would have been more fun.. Perfectly honest review? Ads are completely misleading and horribly cheezy. Game is fun and long term playable without those awful ads lolol. Been playing off and on for years, watching how the ads evolve and grinning and chuckling at them. It's a base builder troop management pvp and puzzle solver. A very fun game with no real need to p2w. I do drop a few when a good deal hits, it's worth it if you enjoy the experience. Devs gotta eat too yall! ^_^.

Great game for those who love the adventure of killing zombies. Fun and you have so many options on how you play. I really enjoyed the game, its the customer service that is absolutely terrible at sorting out issues . Especially when it's a pay to play game . It's not worth taking screenshot of any problems with the game play / glitches in the game . Just don't waste your time or money on it !. It's a pretty fun game although my internet is not the best it seems a load okay so it's not a bad game. So far so fun.3 star for now..

WARNING 37Games colludes with devs OneSoft, Falcon, etc to SCAM via offer wall but never pays out. If completing offer, turn back now, dev commits trade fraud, refuses to compensate. Anyway, Match 3 involved but nothing like ads. Mostly managerial and difference battle like Evony, SoS. Progress stalls sooner, but players not usu as backstab or Richard Cranium. Team players can find multiple advance ease but still a huge grind even if fun. Seeking action look elsewhere.. Great game but not so dynamic. Still new, but so far so good!. Incredibly sexist game. Constantly portrays women in a demeaning manner wearing Skimpy outfits and often Bikinis with large busts.. This game is exactly what you get from a bad hair dye, red Hawaiian shirt old guy that's trying to relive his youth and be cool to the younger audience..... GAME SUCKS.

I can't give 0 or negative stars, but if I could I would. There are so many issues with this game I don't know where to begin. Many players have submitted tickets to CS and the response is always the same, "we'll forward this on to our developers, thank you for supporting us" meanwhile new stuff comes out all the time that is impossible to do without spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars. FIX THE MULTITUDES OF BROKEN PROBLEMS FIRST!! I have had an open ticket for a year with no updates. This game is little nice, but is too expensive when you want buy somethink stuffs and is low stuffs for 1 packet like another online games. Please change that marketing an i will give 5 stars.. Horrible game. Too much talking not enough game play.. It hard to explain but i. Enjoying it. Keeps me busy when i want to be. Zombie defense game with match colour jems like in a classic game called be-jeweled. Just the matches power ups for a team you make and each colour is for one your mates and the jems create attachs against hords of zombies in different stage and levels you go threw. You all built a safe haven camp.. Hint: If you can't show your actual game and honest gameplay in the ads, you might not have a great game..

Thank you for the idk how many hundreds of puzzle ads I've seen for this game that were only in the tutorial that I didn't even get to enjoy because it force feed me every move. Your game is an rts city builder 1 start for misleading ads. An odd experience but its fun enough. Trash, another building games, talking, yap yap and different buttons do different things, bullets not effective, you shoot give dinosaur chance to whip, totally trash. Solve puzzle combats while you wait for things to finish.. Great game been playing this game for 2 years.. it me or did the demo video not even play correctly? Look at the part where the red bow tiles line up... they missed 1 tile at the top. (Before the girl gets mauled by the zombie) Is that what we are to expect out of the game ???? If developers are gonna try to promote , at least make it so that it actually demonstrates correctly!!!!. I like the game format but feel at this time that it's not as good as it could be . What I mean this is more for a computer I think . But I do like it and great way to pass the time with.. Waiting times a little too long. Really joy this game, death to all zombies.. It's a fun game, and has a good story.

Not what is advertised at all. Even has an ad saying that this game is exactly like what you see in the ads. Nope!! Uninstalled!!!!. Nothing like the advert for the game.. hello devolopers Due to some problems, I was away from the game for 3 months. Now when I am back, all my troops are killed. 3 million rider units killed total there any way i can get my troops back. Not what I expected but addictive at any rate. False advertising. Game is nothing like the previews. More click bait for greedy programmers..

I was shown what to click on. The game was interesting, but not as challenging as I would like.. Lots of missions and building to do. Good game but im so sad that i lost all my troops i payed over 500 dollars for. You need to nerf those f2p reward they attavked me all at once and i lost all my troops i spent more money healing those troops but the dead troops are dead. Pls nerf f2p or buff hospital capacity and i will give 5 star. Also you should advertise this game like kingdom building game if you want to get more people to play.. Don't waste your time. Played 5 minutes. froze. deleted. Plain and simple.. I've played this game every day for almost 3 years. It's always been a mess but it was fun. Glitches, bogus rolls, tutorials that finally ended. I was able to ignore most of the negative. I can't any more. It's just so bad, and I haven't spent a ton of money, but enough at certain points in the past. I shouldn't have to deal with this amateur software fodder. This game really puts itself out there as something it's not. I'm breaking up with you. Oh and it's not me, it's you. .

Why l log in and then after 5 sec it log out automatically. The beginning of this game is awesome. love the story and how story elements are part of gameplay. this changes after a few chapters though. the story dies out, and the game becomes largely pvp and gathering resources. It's fun, but nothing like the ads. I would have LOVED this if it was more like the ads. I enjoy the puzzle game and leveling my heroes tho. Many events are decent and it has a pretty large and fun community. Give it a try!. I just switch to a new phone and want to re log in the game... But keep showing me an Inskipable tutorials... Is very annoying for an old player for this game... Please reconsider this. Completely different game to what the video showed. Lying developers and Boring game. Fun to play when free time is available.

Warning!! Fake ads, don't download it, or you will feel dumb. Fun if you like candy crush and waiting to build buildings.

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