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The colorful cartoon action-RPG Quest Hunter was in early access on Steam for several years, collected awards and excellent reviews – and after the release it clearly showed that not all that glitters is gold.

stolen sun

The plot in Quest Hunter is nowhere more banal: the main character flew somewhere and, of course, crashed, waking up in an unknown place, where everything is very, very bad. After all, some local “crocodile” stole the sun, and monsters crawled out from everywhere, the dead rose from their graves, bandits filled the roads, and even yesterday’s harmless buttercup dandelions bristled with green fangs…

Naturally, we have to deal with everything, return the sun to the sky, and punish the guilty. In the process, as in any action RPG, you will have to fight a lot, collect mountains of loot, complete many tasks, find out the causes of the zombie invasion, chase a strange gravedigger, hunt the bandit leader, clear dungeons and even save the princess from the clutches of goblins. True, the princess will turn out to be not a princess at all, but a simple, but very grateful lady who dreams of unicorns (but in extreme cases, princes will do!) And is always ready to support our hero with an incendiary dance.

Choose with a smile

Yes, yes, with light humor in Quest Hunter everything is in order. This, of course, is not Deathspank or Costume Quest, but it’s also not bad. There is, for example, the sect of the White Cylinders, whose lair can only be entered in a white top hat in order to steal an ancient relic in the form of … nesting dolls.

Almost all tasks and characters are somehow served with irony. And even investigating the death of a local rich man, we will have to communicate with drunken hunters to find out that the drunken moneybag just fell off his chair, reaching for another bottle. And then you still need to decide whether to hand over the drinking companions to the guard who asked for help with the investigation or not.

Quest Hunter game review

Even if you send the hero to one point on the map, for some reason he will certainly look in passing at all the other available ones.

Situations of choice are enough. And if the dilemma, to tell the bitter truth to the brother of the deceased adventurer or to lie, is found in almost every RPG, then the opportunity to come to the camp of the bandit leader, whom you have to bang on the plot quest, and say: “Let me work for you!”, Agree, it is issued not always and not everywhere. And even then, carrying out his instructions to organize an all-gangster binge, you can change your mind and attack the “godfather”.

Chop, dig, download!

But before you go in search of adventure, you will have to establish your own camp, invite a carpenter, a blacksmith, a local alchemist and even a moonshiner-changer there. And for this you need to cut down trees and hollow out stone, clearing a place for their dwellings or simply collecting resources for construction. And for someone to dig up a stolen chest. By the way, the shovel icon, just like in King’s Bounty. The Legend of the Knight” is displayed separately, which allows you to dig anywhere. Or don’t dig. It is better to do this in the points illuminated by lights in order to really stumble upon a treasure or something along the quest.

You have to cut down trees and collect stones in Quest Hunter almost constantly – these are the most important (but not the only) resources for crafting useful items, improving equipment, increasing the capacity of your backpack, and so on. And all this must be carried to the camp by the already mentioned blacksmith and carpenter. We also brew potions there – again, if the appropriate ingredients are available.

But you can improve the characteristics anywhere when you get a new level. There is also a branch of active skills, three of which need to be assigned to “hot keys” in order to invigorate enemies with lightning, freeze them, set them on fire, poison, or, for example, give acceleration to our hero. They open upon reaching the appropriate level, and are pumped for crystals of different colors and rarity.

Quest Hunter game review

Dungeons are randomly generated, and there is always a reward waiting at the exit.

Crashed on the balance

I have not yet said that there are riddles, traps, co-op for four players and the search for silver and gold keys that open especially rare chests and doors – in general, everything is like in the best houses.

The trouble is that in the best action-RPG houses it is customary to think about balance. Whatever you come up with will sooner or later go to dust, if playing on a normal difficulty level quickly becomes boring, and on a difficult one it is also boring, but not so quickly. In Quest Hunter, this is what eventually happens.

In addition, for a very long time we are fed the same enemies and entertained with the same puzzles with dragging and placing weights on pressure platforms. These riddles are also infuriating because often the hero only once from the 20th agrees to come up and, finally, take on the next cube from the side we need. In general, controls in Quest Hunter are not the most responsive.

The construction part is implemented at a rudimentary level – nothing really needs to be built, and big words about “improving the camp” have remained just words. Well, at least, you really have to protect it from time to time.

Random encounters on the global map are also annoying, you don’t want to stop and look for hiding places or wield a shovel in search of a new treasure – the inventory is already full of resources, and skills and all equipment (weapons, a shield and exactly one hat) are pumped enough to bring down the enemies. That’s except that with the “bosses” sometimes you have to tinker a little longer. Well, in a cooperative, of course, it’s more fun – if there is a suitable company.

Around many “bosses” you can safely cut circles in anticipation of recharging skills.


In general, the authors kept their promises. Quest Hunter is a really colorful, humorous action RPG full of quests, treasures, dungeons, mysteries, undigged chests and uncut trees. But in a single player game, it quickly breaks down into boredom and imbalance. So if you want to try this potentially very interesting game, then do it in co-op. After all, there you can also beat each other. Well, or cut down and bury.

Pros: non-linear quests; humor; many opportunities for crafting and improving equipment; good combat system; a lot of loot and closed or buried chests; excellent co-op; colorful picture; pleasant music; you can dig.

Cons: due to the weak balance, it quickly becomes boring here; there are problems with management; quests are mostly primitive.

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