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If you like automotive and PvP video games, you’ll love NITRO JUMP RACING, the fast-paced and enjoyable racing recreation. All Vehicles are customizable – accumulate numerous elements and race! We’re racing worldwide, and our gamers are very aggressive.

Our recreation is free to obtain and play; nevertheless, if you prefer it and wish to improve it, you should buy recreation objects for actual cash. If you do not want to use this characteristic, please disable in-app purchases in your machine’s settings. Additionally, beneath our Phrases of Service and Privateness Coverage, you have to be at the very least 13 years of age to play or obtain NITRO JUMP RACING.

Race Car Driving Crash Mod APK 1.9.8 (Unlimited Money)

This is the funnest racing game I've found.. Even though u put money in the game to level up it doesn't really do anything to beat the other person who's level is lot lower then all they want is to ur money. 1/6/2023 this game is still taking my tickets to race even though I came back out to quit and didn't play the game. It's been happening over a year N still not fixing it!. Its been a great game so far.. this update, updated the game . But deleted the icon... i have to come to google play to initiate game play. Make this less of a video game, like a toy or something because it gets kids and other people too addicted to their screens. I stopped using this because it got boring. UPDATE: I remember when this game was Nitro Jump Racing. Apparently something happened, I don't know why, but now this game just seems like one of those apps that clutter the app store. It doesn't look good of a situation, now that I noticed.. Had issue...sent email...within minutes resolved...freakin love this game...and kudos to your support team. this game is better than the last time I played it.

It's a new game for me.. just trying it out. I'll let you know more later on it but right now it's it's okay it started out as a kiddy game, but it's okay so far, I guess. One Star to make seem lame or stupid nice game only cause wifi without wifi perfect for five stars. I like the mechanics,the driving and the graphics.The only problem that the ads don't really work that often unless you have enough internet or you have to wait for an ad to load.Btw devs,can you send me over 150k coins and 50 gems for me,I am not trying to be greeted and my name is StuntDriver13 and I have a question,why did you change the name from Nitro Jump Racing to Race Car Driving Crash game?. it's really good but I like cars fast as lightning better on tabs. The reward system sucks, the cars glitch and magically appear in front of me before i cross the finish line, and the matchups makes no sense.

Red truck it or fire truck it. Just changed my review from 5 stars to one as u can now only buy upgrades for ur car body and wheels with gems.. Part of the fun is buying a car and being able to upgrade it straight away. Very disappointed with the basic. Why the game is not loading fully.... Only been playing it 10 mins and i had to give it a review straight away as its brilliant ! Great graphics no glitches just good fun . Well done this company !. Since your last update the game is super laggy. The lag causes bad starts, almost uncontrollable gameplay. I pay for the VIP and expect a fix asap. I'm sure others are irritated as well. Fix the game.

LLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!! New Nitro Pass has made game P2W and for what...freeze, lag, freeze, lag. F'n garbage!. I'm still trying to recover my account on my Chromebook, still no luck. Every time i go to start a race it glitches out then logs me out.... please fix it and ill give the game more than just 1 star. Thanx. I would have given 5 stars, but y'all turned commercialized. Winners and anything special is only for those that spend money. Thanks for that.. You shouldn't make it to where you have to pay for the cars some children can't afford it..

It's okay fun. the coins don't generate fast enough to keep up with the cars upgrading. I think the amount of coins per race should be better even with the VIP Club it's not great I think it could be. Granny Fist is the best racer.. There is a game in your ads. this is a nice game he's a fresh relief game and it's challenged like it keeps you entertained. great time passed. but free coin earnings are time consuming. upgrades take forever too..

You have got it going on... to me this game is great it has just the right amount of challenge as well as fun. Support helped on last update. Fun game to play. Although, vehicle upgrades get really costly and slows progress to a grinding hault. Anything to bring gamers to a gringing halt, unless you are willing to fork out a bunch of cash. Makes you tired of playing.. Pretty great game considering the simplicity of it.. Love it, fun for all ages! Addictive!.

I actually lik this me alot, my only gripe is you barely win coins to upgrade an I'm sorry but m no paying to get more. It's off the chaines damn these are hard boiled as a rock and moo. I have a subscription on this game but can't find how to cancel it, how do you cancel it??. I really enjoy this game and I love this game it is really cool and fun. Great game, fun concept, huge potential and sadly too many video ads..

Too much add, make me bored to play. this game is awesome...killer graphics control is excellent. enjoy playing the game see family play with or friend's or people all over the world it's live in here. Very fun, easy, good graphics and awesome game.. Great game, new challenges and different tournaments all the time, bunch of cool cars to customise, I haven't had an ad since I first downloaded the game, that was about 8 months ago. Keep up the awesome work exactly how you're doing it, you've got a great thing going here. Definitely a 5 star game and it's worth a download everyone, it's a very fun game too I play at least 4-5 hours daily. .

I like the game. It's just very inconsistent, especially after the latest update. The way that when you do wheelies or flips isn't accredited. So lose a lot of races do to this. And the spawning is a crock of B.S. I cross the finish line and I get respawned an lose, or it respawns whenever. That need to be removed.. Game is good fun but I hate when a power 8 with worse perks wins over me power 9 and like 8 9 7 leveled perks but I lose (just saying I don't know if the opponents are real people. Great as free to play. A truly fun game.. Recent most update heat the phone up on android 13 and battery utilization is unprecedented. Needs to be fixed, asap.. it's good needs more content like track editor where you can create and make your own track design and with friend and the world and controller support needed too ok love your game its awesome and oh add more cars please boats at least too thank you.

ads is okay, but can you change the ads plugin? Most of ads display fake close button, when it clicks, it lead to open other app, not close the ads. That's annoying. Thanks in advance. Fun game! Takes a long time to get coins for upgrades as it is for most games. No ads that's a plus unless you take the time to collect extra coins... gems... tickets etc.. Now I'm starting to experience easier use after updates. Enjoying the race again....thanks. Ok. Have been playing for over 1year now. Add new tracks! They slightly changed tracks and some work some don't. The same track has changed and sometimes they work and others times it doesn't on same exact track. My car has actually gotten stuck in a loop or a boost not working. Fyi they don't care to fix. THERE SHOULD BE NOTHING WRONG WITH THE TRACKS BUT SOMETIMES THERE IS SOMETIMES NOT ON THE SAME TRACK! Please don't play this game with any expectations. Pay or not disappointed is REAL!. Won every race and every cup. First place and last place in everything. I've played this game so much. I'm just wondering now when will there be some new races? Or will I race the same ones forever? Acquired a few new cars but it's the same thing as ending I else. They start at level one and then win a couple races and the game starts putting me against levels way higher than me so I can't win. I'm ready for some new content please . . ..

promoted to another league level and have to sleep but overnight I'm not in same league I was dropped back. why can't we be in the same league when I play again. had 4 more days on league play but overnight it said I still in star league and cleared points... I couldn't play all night to keep playing but 4 more days disappointed in have to start over. Unfortunately as to all the glitches throughout the game this game has now been deleted, if you fix your problems than I MAY download it again. Until than it remains as a deleted game.. fix your problems... Awesome game except for nitro buildup glitch during races and occasional respawns after the last update. There is a glitch in the game. Best car game iv played in the multiveres thank you for makeing this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Hey, you've got a glich in your game. Air time and flips don't count towards nitro sometimes! You guys owe me at least 400 trophies and two new cars! Still playing and still does it! You'll lose a race because of it! Care to answer? I just tried that and it only copied my user ID. It literally respawn me while in 1st place and still not getting credit for flips on one of the newer tracks.. Love this game. But at the moment it's glitching. Respawn when you are leading, perks not working properly.. Fun and entertaining but takes to long to earn china without donating money. Would give five stars otherwise.. Great,get to race the best in the world- this includes real pro drivers, Top Stuff. I think this game is a rip off....the cars take forever to be able to upgrade basically forcing you to spend money!!!!!!and then they put you up against cars with 3 to 5 times more strength again forcing you to spend money...pathetic.

Amazing Car Game, should be pess P2W sometimes btw it is fun anyway.. First of all, now the game need particular car cards to unlock, which is stupid since getting at least 1000 from box opening is very hard. I ended have a lot of cars still locking even in rank 12.This is even worse than using coins to unlock.Also, the graphics have worsen after the previous update. It kept lag when the race begin. Another star loss because of it.Hope developers fix these problems ASAP.. This game has too many bugs, game play lags, cars sometimes completely uncontrollable. Second time that the game has lost all my gameplay, even though it is all linked to FB. Customer Service is non existent, bot responses. Miniclip has alot to do to get this right.. Like the game but getting stuck on the road. Game was great until update it is true u have to spend $. Since update i hate this game my conrols all of a sudden just go out most of the time right before finish line game really started acting up once i canceled my vip membership! Dont download and waste your time find a different game.

This is a very fun and challenging game with som very cool Race Vehicles. There are same glitches in the game First your winning then the car suddenly jumps backwards or hits something that's just not there This is why I'm giving 3 stars. Wow good i like this game. This game is aswome and racing is so much fun I like this game. Game crashes all time. (Bike rivals back plz).

Fun game, but a notification i just got from the game trying to entice me to play by saying "stuck in traffic? Race now!" How irresponcible do you have to be to put that up?!. This game is awesome and entertaining. one of the better racing games out there. Really fun game if youre bored but i wish there was an offline version so i could play everywhere..

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