Codes - Updated on August 1, 2022

Recently, a lot of games from the category of car simulators have been divorced, but the Race Day – Multiplayer Racing application differs from many competitors in its downtime, convenient controls and the most difficult tracks. Therefore, to reach the finish line, you need to make a lot of effort. Moreover, the arrival time is not limited, but still you need to go quickly.

List of Redeem CodesExpiration date
QWGF07L91UNSeptember 30, 2022
VSONCZ3TH2September 29, 2022
TQ3H46RN9September 14, 2022
KOYNIW7V24XSeptember 27, 2022
0L2E6IM1W8ORAugust 30, 2022
M0ENY1XSWC9August 2, 2022

In theory, everything should be simple. But the player will have to do different tricks, including overcoming slides and jumps. At the first levels, everything will not be so scary, but if we talk about further stages, it’s not worth talking about the absence of difficulties. Of course, the graphics of the game and its gameplay is not very impressive, but the gameplay is nowhere better. By the way, there is one trick to driving a car. In addition to being able to brake and accelerate, you will also have the ability to balance in flight. The only negative is getting energy or gasoline for waiting or donating.

So let’s recap. Race Day – Multiplayer Racing has two game modes. You can go through the tracks alone or compete with real players online. The game also pleases with dynamic gameplay and a large selection of cars. Race Day – Multiplayer Racing has 12 locations and tons of cool bonuses. In addition, you will have the opportunity to record your exploits. In short, a fun app! So download Race Day – Multiplayer Racing on your android and strive to be the first in the leaderboard!

Download ( V1.3.2 )
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