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Radiant Defense is a very prominent representative of tower defense games. In this game, your task will be to protect the spiral reactor, familiar to these genres, from being destroyed by alien creatures. This reactor is the only chance for mankind to survive.

Radiant Defense Discount Codes 2.4.6
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The game differs from other genres in that it is possible to change the path of enemies through modules. Obtaining modules is possible not only at the beginning of the mission, but also after the attack is successfully repulsed. Your tactical idea will allow you to add modules to any place, it depends purely on your desire.

However, building weapons does not require any conditions compared to modules. They can be built on the fly, at the moment when the enemy comes. The game has nine guns at its disposal, and if you have a desire, you can improve them. Also, the features of the game include the presence of three different systems used for mass destruction. They will become that saving sip of water at the most difficult moment. However, free access to the game will not allow you to use the most powerful weapons that are available only for real money.

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