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RAID: Shadow Legends is a crazy battle of the best fantasy heroes in the world. Just choose the champion you need and take part in your very first battle with him. More than sixteen factions of heroes and monsters of different elements will be available to new players immediately after entering this fantasy world.

RAID: Shadow Legends
 Codes (2022 December) 6.20.1
All Codes Expiration date
YM1XZG9IWQ7 October 12, 2022
62ZU5RALYT November 21, 2022
RIXP0KN98 October 21, 2022
9BNS8ORKWJQ November 1, 2022
J2T8CVA3R5Y1 October 2, 2022
EFUZIPCT2O9 October 28, 2022
LH08BWYU6A2 November 26, 2022
8RFLBW0AQZ October 7, 2022
2TSZU03G6 November 14, 2022
PZVRXISOTJG November 27, 2022
6AQU709TRINK October 14, 2022
G96PAW7MV4Z November 17, 2022

The world of Teleria needs new heroes and is in staggering danger. Only legends from all over the world will be able to save him and destroy a huge number of villains. Collect the greatest and most legendary warriors from all over the planet in your team and choose them through sixteen available factions. Here you can find your favorite characters who can fight both on the side of light and darkness. When they are needed for Teleria, they will come to the rescue, just be ready to train them and lead them into new crazy fights. In the world of RAID: Shadow Legends, you need to train each of the active heroes in battles. Carry out the most effective training and make real fierce fighters out of your champions. Absolutely every owner of a mobile device can stand at the head of the most powerful and unprecedented team of heroes. Then a large-scale war will begin, which light has not yet seen. RAID: Shadow Legends – many heroes in Teleria Hundreds of warriors divided into 16 factions are ready to take part in the great war. Choose the right balance between forces and produce an effective combination of heroes in action. Gather the undead, knights, mages and elves as one team to scale up your army. This way you can win the next battle in RAID: Shadow Legends and even capture new legendary fighters for your team. Defeat not just armies of enemies, but go to battle against their bosses, who are distinguished by increased malice and the strength of mighty titans. The multiplayer arena of the game is waiting for everyone who wants to spend time in pleasure with fantastic nature.

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