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Relevant for platform: NSW

We have all been in a situation where we went for a walk without looking at the weather forecast, and immediately after leaving the house it started to rain. In Rain on Your Parade, people face such a problem at every turn, and not only on the street: in a restaurant, at a closed concert of a rock band, and in school corridors it can suddenly start to rain. And we influence the weather by controlling a flying cloud.

Not a bear at all

This is not the first game where we play the role of a scoundrel and mock people – one of the last such releases was Untitled Goose Game. But if an open (albeit small) world was offered there, then here the game is divided into several dozen levels. The essence of them is the same: you are a cloud that is absolutely harmless until you press the button and water flows out of you. But what exactly needs to be done with this skill and for what purposes to use it depends on the situation.

It all starts very simply: a cloud attends a wedding and must wet not only the bride and groom, but also all the guests. In the following missions, the tasks change: either you need to save a burning trash can, or you need to water the ground in the park and grow trees in this way. Over time, you get access to other liquids – if you fly up to a vat of fuel, the cloud will darken, and fuel will begin to pour out of it. When you pour them on fire, the result is predictable. Or you can soak up the acid and ruin the agricultural machinery in the wheat field.

Rain on Your Parade: Обзор

The appearance of the cloud can be changed; hats and accessories are given for completing levels.

Over time, the cloud gets new abilities – it can strike with lightning, and snow will begin to fall from it. About the adventures of the cloud, the father reads a fairy tale to his son (in between some episodes), and together they figure out where the hero will go next and what skills he will acquire. You get new abilities just at those moments when there was clearly nothing to invent with the old ones. For example, you can’t just wet people with umbrellas – you first need to scare them with lightning. And it is possible to turn cars over, creating snowdrifts right on the road.

The main character of Rain on Your Parade sometimes seems to be a sadist, and the player feels the same way. The wedding is still fine, although the frightened guests running around in different corners and stumbling over chairs look pathetic. But when you pour fuel on the floor and then set fire to people in the room, or when you fill glasses in a restaurant with dirty water, you start to feel awkward.

The cloud clearly enjoys all this.

However, this quickly passes – no one dies, and even in unpleasant situations, what is happening looks comical thanks to the funny visual style and funny voice acting. The reference levels to classic games were especially successful – here Resident Evil is remembered, and even Counter-Strike, and much more. The developers were also inspired by films with series – one of the levels is designed as a short sitcom, and its action takes place in the office.

How else to mess up?

While the core mechanics don’t change much towards the end of the game, Rain on Your Parade doesn’t get boring. A variety of tasks help – some must be completed to unlock the next location, and some simply serve as bonus entertainment. For completing additional tasks, you don’t get anything but the best grade at the end of the level, but it’s still interesting to complete them – either you don’t wet anyone, then drive several crows from the field, or bring the goal from one part of the map to another.

You can’t hide under umbrellas.

Plus, there are secret tasks here, which you learn about only after interacting with some object. At a birthday party, for example, you need to set fire to all the boxes with gifts, but sometimes you see a radio-controlled airplane on the screen – it turns out that if the fire hits it, then you will complete a secret mission. There are a lot of such surprises here, and they don’t give anything for them either, but still there is a desire to look for them. There is only one complaint at such moments – the cloud moves slowly, and the larger the location, the more noticeable it is.

For some, the game will seem too easy – tasks are almost impossible to fail. It is very rare that you need to quietly complete a mission or not get hurt when the main villain (and he is here too) fires cannons. But the complexity here would be inappropriate – instead of suffering for a long time with some kind of task, it is more interesting to simply achieve goals and find secrets. Yes, and the game is perfect for children, who will surely fly from side to side with great pleasure and mock people, but they would not like to get stuck in the same place. Too bad local co-op is not supported.

Yes, burn it all.

Rain on Your Parade is a fun little game similar to Untitled Goose Game, only with a different main character and completely different objectives. Here, the humor is not bad, and the levels are varied, and there is some kind of progress system – over time you become stronger and can spoil everyone’s life in more sophisticated ways. Great evening entertainment that will cheer up players of all ages, but playing it with children is sure to be especially fun.

Pros: original idea; various levels with interesting tasks; I want to carry out additional and secret assignments even without additional rewards; good humor and unexpected references to classic games.

Cons: slow cloud movement speed; lack of local co-op.

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