Codes New - Updated on December 2, 2022

Rainbow Story is a cute role-playing adventure with colorful characters and lots of cute animals. Set off to explore the vast lands of Tyr in the company of friends and comrades, as well as accompanied by unique and highly skilled pets. Find like-minded people in a large gaming community, join clans, make new friends in a convenient chat and have fun together in this amazing mobile application. Fight offline and get rewards when you return to the game.

Rainbow Story: Fantasy MMORPG
 Redeem Codes (2023 January)
All Codes Expiration date
21Q4G39CNRW December 8, 2022
6YFATXM5CR January 22, 2023
VIXCUN93H December 5, 2022
5EH2PWAI0RK January 14, 2023
5JUMSPLOKN30 January 29, 2023
Y8W5AB7R2XT January 3, 2023
F31MH6U7DYQ December 10, 2022
Y16DZXSTO3 January 18, 2023
ST0BAUX93 January 3, 2023
04EOCBV57DN December 23, 2022
C3EV12BIL0UQ January 19, 2023
1294WEUSX35 December 29, 2022

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