Game New - Updated on January 6, 2023

You’re about to vary into the chief of a metropolis on wheels, which you’ll drive to look out your opponents and be topped ruler of the Wastelands! And your residents will consistently strengthen your municipality, even when you’re not there!

On the dawn of 1 different apocalypse, the world’s future is in your arms! As a second world-ending comet approaches, humanity has merely 45 days to find a method to outlive. Assemble an Ark that’ll take your metropolis by using the Wormhole and proper right into a mannequin new world!

Stage up hassle-free! Escape the grind! The automated leveling-up system reaps giant rewards with little enter, meaning you may enhance your metropolis in your sleep! Easy to play, easy to win! Lead your metropolis into battle using just one finger! Use the expertise auto-cast chance and win epic battles on the contact of a button!

Rapacity Idle RPG Mod APK 1.12 (Hight Damage)

It's poor I was expecting real face to face combat not 2d. Waste of time. Error while my Internet connection is stable. Game is gone no more updte cant not play the game. The game is not running, tried logging in multiple times. It says network error. After a few days, its unplayable.. pop up says "This Section no longer available". Was enjoying the game. Now it won't let me in. Looks like it is stuck on updating. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, still doesn't work..

Is this game still on going? Or the beta test just ended? I cannot log in into the game always check internet settings tho i have a very good internet connection. "Battle in progress" bug There is a pop up "battle in progress" whenever I try to battle blood bath and on trap map Edit- well its fixed nice reaction. Super fun game that is riddled with bugs, mistranslations, and a foreign dev team that doesn't give two poops about fixing anything. Very sad.. Ugly looking game with ugly mechanics. No idea why devs would create this trash of a game in 2022. Looks and feels awful. Unbelievable that someone would even think of creating a game like this in 2022.. This game is going to be PAY TO WIN when the game comes out so many limitations massive wait timers to level you town limitations on how many chest you can open up and how many quest that you can do Started on the new server same time as everyone else yet I get stuck waiting for my town to level up while everyone else some how keeps leveling there towns instantly no motivation to keep playing since it's not on fair grounds everyone that started at the same time should be pretty close in levels..

Will make it back to 5 star once I can login back into the game (I'm NightCrawler btw rank top 10 rankings) EDIT: My name is NightCrawler in Cyber City server. I'm at Pandora Guild.. I really enjoy the game, I know still in beta, concept is good!, graphics is nice!, music is good! Game story is good! Can't login.... I can't enter to the game, why?. So many things to improve.. Having limits on the amount of treasure you can open will limit player's interest in playing. Those are farming loot that gives RNG based rewards, its like saying "Here is your salary, I dont know how much is it, but you cant use it" Each feature should also have info tab for more info. Its confusing.. This game seemed to have good potential, until I saw the egregious bugs and faults that make this game unplayable. Okay, when I saw the cool art style, I was hyped to play. It only took me less than a minute to drop the game and give up any hope of enjoying the game. When I made it to character creation, I realized that the game ui is too big for my screen to the point where I can't even see important info. I hope that in the future this game will get better, but for now, I'm uninstalling..

Very rough. It took me 4 attempts just to start this game. Many options would not respond. Then when I got into the game, all of the buttons along the bottom were cut in half, so I really couldn't tell you what I was tapping or why. The game looks like it could be great, but on my Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 - a very new phone - it's just not there.. The ads said no internet needed/offline game. That's a lie. Deleted. Reported for misleading.. Was great till login problems uninstall and reinstalled and still not login in. I put not sure because I can't log into the game. Hi developers i hope that the game will be back and i suggest that have more upgrades*if you bring this game back*.

This is a very good game. Needs an improvements, for every design of the city. I enjoy the beta test. I will wait for this game to realease.. good game, good concept, city that walk is a new for me. Please add zoom out and zoom in and graphic change on sittings... Great game but... THIS IS RATED AS 3+ BUT HAS CUSSING LMFAO . the game is fun highly recommended.

Lot of bugs, beside this game still under construction rn, I hope the team can fix bug on this game as soon as possible..

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