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This year, many developers announced their own battle royales, and one of them stood out in particular. It’s about Rapture Rejects, which became known during one of the press conferences at E3. It is based on the universe of Cyanide & Happiness comics – the very ones where funny little men get into comical (and not so) situations and joke on a variety of topics.

Everything went wrong

The game itself does not pull on hilariously funny. At the very beginning, it is proposed to create your own character, and the process makes you remember the console South Park – there are even more settings here than there. And the clothes in bulk, and the facial hair will take a long time to choose, you can even add a female breast or a protruding sexual organ – gender in Rapture Rejects is determined only in this way. Although, if you’re going to be wearing helmets (like the shark head given to everyone who started the game in the early days), appearance settings don’t really matter.

After that, the player enters the menu, which offers standard variations for royal battles: you can go into battle alone, or you can call friends and play with them. No other fun is provided, and the list is unlikely to ever expand. There is no single campaign, you can’t fight with bots, and they probably won’t add the usual team battle.

Despite the presence of only one mode, finding players to start the match is more and more problematic every day. In the first three days after the release of Rapture Rejects, they offered to try it for free, but even during this period, the number of users who simultaneously launched it did not exceed one thousand people. Now, when you try to play solo, you will end up in a lobby with one or two opponents, which is quite sad for a game of this genre.

And the thing is that Rapture Rejects at this stage seems empty and uncompetitive. The entire progression system is based on getting tickets during matches, which you then spend at the local casino on random items for the character. However, with such a visual style, you don’t pay attention to this – and you can’t see your hero well during the match, and you don’t have time to look at others. And the costumes, to be honest, are so-so – the character model is small and does not change much when using other clothes.

Rapture Rejects game review

One of those character editors that you can sit in.

The gameplay itself, although it seems non-standard at first glance, is uncomplicated and completely devoid of depth. A battle royale with a high-mounted camera is certainly original, but that’s where all the distinguishing features end. Only the game determines at what point on the map you start, that is, there is no need to jump out of the plane. The heroes find themselves on the streets of a dilapidated city, looking for weapons, first-aid kits and other rubbish, and then they try to find and destroy each other. The last survivor is declared the winner.

Life in a comic

Rapture Rejects does not hint at the quality of the items being picked up – there is no division into ordinary and legendary items, as in Fortnite. There are crates in and around the houses that contain cannons, ammo, healing bandages, and drinks that gradually restore health. Prepared, found everything you need, searched all the rooms – you can open the hunt for opponents. The mini-map shows you whether you are in the next circle or need to run to it, so there is no problem with orientation in space.

They tried to make the weapon unusual, but it performs exactly the same functions as its counterparts in other action games. Instead of a double-barreled shotgun, for example, here is a toaster with knives flying out of it, in a rifle firing bursts, standard cartridges were replaced with chewing gum, and in a revolver, nails are used as projectiles. There are very few types of weapons, even fewer good ones, and even with alternative fire modes, such a meager arsenal gets bored pretty quickly.

Rapture Rejects game review

There are always a lot of hiding places in such dumps.

Matches end just as quickly – they usually last no more than ten minutes. If there are few opponents, then in general it is possible to keep within five. This is both a plus and a minus of Rapture Rejects – matches do not drag out, you don’t have to run around looking for enemies for too long, but at the same time, it makes it difficult to find opponents to start the next match. The game needs as many users as possible, otherwise you spend much more time in the menu than in the matches themselves. So far, this is exactly what is happening. But because of this “feature”, you approach each shootout more responsibly – if you die, you will have to look at the timer in the menu for a minute.

But not everything in the game is as bad as one might think. The design of the city in which the action takes place is good: houses are everywhere, most of the rooms in which are worth visiting for valuable trophies; broken cars are everywhere, garbage is lying around. Matchmakers compete for a place in paradise after the end of the world, and the world really looks like an abandoned place that survived the disaster.

Objects scattered throughout the map can be used as cover during firefights. Rapture Rejects shows the direction of the shot, and you can always see if the projectiles have reached the enemy, which is very useful for novice players who are just getting acquainted with all the arsenal available here. The only thing that is a little annoying in battles is the lack of automatic reloading: if you press the fire button with an empty clip, the character will not change the store until you do it “manually”. And during the cooldown, which takes a couple of seconds, the hero becomes much slower and can be an easy victim. The decision is controversial, and you can’t get used to it right away, but you can outwit your opponent if you know how many shells he fired and whether he can continue shooting.

Rapture Rejects game review

The Russian translation is clumsy, but tolerable.


However, an interesting design and good firefights will not save Rapture Rejects from inevitable death. The creators stubbornly insist on a price of $20, although it is already clear to everyone that the game will survive only with a shareware distribution model. At launch, almost no one was interested in it, now about fifty people a day play it (and after all, matches are designed for just 50 people), there is practically no content. You probably shouldn’t have expected more from the game in Steam Early Access, but there is a suspicion that the game, or even from it, will not come out and close. Or leave it in the near future and is unlikely to be actively updated. The idea is good, there are funny ideas, but in general the project does not give the impression of a great battle royale, for which Steam users will want to actively pay money. It’s a pity – with such a style something worthwhile could turn out.

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