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God is omnipotent, but he is a big child,” Kovaldzhi once wrote. And in this game, these lines take on meaning. Feel like a supreme being in the wonderful god simulator – Rapture – World Conquest. Decide the fate of nations and entire continents. Choose the people you like and lead them to dominance on the planet. Crush all the enemies of your pets who dare to go against the people of God. For crushing, you will have access to one and a half dozen “Kar of Heaven”, by doing which, you will strengthen the love of your people and keep other peoples in fear. Remember that the more your people pray to you, the more strength you have to bring down meteorites and tsunamis on the enemies of your people. But at the same time, constantly kneeling, people will not be able to develop and develop their people, and therefore everything should be in moderation, including worship. Lead your people to complete victory and seize power on Earth.

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V2D15Z3E6Y7 September 24, 2022
0L4RXEZHJ9 September 22, 2022
GUYDT7L6H September 14, 2022
M3ZDJBCEKHA August 25, 2022
FB4SR0DHZVWA August 19, 2022
9KTB18EA6HY August 22, 2022

Choose from three dozen different civilizations, and go with them through thousands of years of development and evolution, in just a few minutes. The more nations you bring to power, the more new interesting opportunities will open up for you, whether it be a previously unknown civilization or a cube-shaped planet.

Playfully exterminate 98% of humanity, and take your people to paradise.

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