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I had a chance to talk with Ostap Polyakov, Leading Executive Director of Metall Adler Studio, about the Ratten Reich project, the prospects for this action RTS and its development.

Real time strategy (English real-time strategy, RTS) is a genre of strategic computer games. Real-time strategy players position and maneuver the units and structures they control to defend map areas and/or destroy their opponents’ assets.

In its turn, action real time strategy (English action real-time strategy) is the same genre, but with a greater focus on the development of visual solutions. Another distinguishing feature is the player’s ability to switch between building his base and managing the army.

Many believe that the RTS genre is no longer relevant or is only degrading, but here is what Ostap himself says about this:

“RTS, on the other hand, is taking it to the next level, thanks to studios like Paradox Interactive and Creative Assembly. Good examples of projects would be Hearts of Iron, Crusader Kings and the recently released TotalWar: Warhammer 3, which already has a record RTS online of 150,000 people.”

About the game

Ratten Reich is being developed with the help of indie publisher Crytivo, who is helping with advertising and supporting the project on the Kickstarter platform.

The game takes place in a fictional world based on the events of the First and Second World War in dieselpunk style.

Dieselpunk is a subgenre of science fiction. The main theme is the era that begins with the interwar period (the time between the end of the First World War and the beginning of the Second World War).

Active playable factions

Reich Ratten (RR – Reich Ratten) devoted himself to scientific and technological research for decades, which led to the expansion of the steam and diesel industry in the daily life of rats. An empire made up of small duchies united under the flag of the Emperor.

The colonial power, which was a collection of small oppressed countries, has grown over the past 25 years into a dangerous empire (based on Germany during the First World War).

The Free Mouse Republic (FMR) is a conclave of 38 countries, of which the two strongest nations, Frankx and Angul, have the upper hand. Both empires are in an internal struggle for power and influence over smaller countries.

Merchant coalitions, lavish and luxurious bills, nobles and feudal lords, earls, princes and princesses – they all combine into a small part of the FMR. Ordinary residents struggle with the problems of poverty, lack of health care and high crime rates. Revolts and riots break out from time to time (based on France and England during the First World War).

The homeland of cockroaches is a curious and largely uncharted country. The tsarist regime had recently turned their territory into a paradise filled with steam engines for mechanics. The daily life of these citizens is shrouded in industry. An unfailingly harsh climate and an imminent revolution haunt cockroaches, forcing them to adapt again and again.

The Royal Empire (ÇÂR̆) is the only country whose inhabitants possess natural chitin armor. This useful device forced the enemies to change their weapons in an attempt to penetrate their protective shells. Cockroaches have a hidden army and pride themselves on being the protectors of the oppressed (based on Tsarist Russia during WW1).

For the past 6 years, the country, torn apart by civil war and famine, has been fighting against its neighbor, the agama lizards of the Empire of the Sun. Enlisting the support of mice, the Red Dragon monitor lizards tried to stop their hostilities and prevent conflicts with the invaders.

As technology begins to shift into the modern age, the inability to create and produce modern weapons has caused the Red Dragon to be reluctant to accept help from the Allies (based on China during World War I).

The Sun Empire is an island nation under the command of their emperor. The agama lizards that inhabit the empire are close friends and associates of the rats and, coincidentally, one of the biggest contenders for naval construction and dominance at sea.

As the Empire of the Sun builds ships, Reich Ratten offers them more advanced weapons and technology. This old empire is struggling to meet the standards of the new and modern world (based on Japan during World War I).

About game development

As you can see, the studio is not afraid to experiment with its world and its content:

“Why do many players like indie development? Most indie games have elements of trial mechanics that AAA studios can’t afford because of too much sales risk, but a little development can surprise them with these mechanics and cement them in the industry.

The maps on which the fighting will take place are based on the real landscape of the events of the First and Second World Wars, but in a more fantasy look, and will cover a large number of territories, deserts, the Arctic, large fields, but also the urban areas of Europe.

“Ratten Reich” will provide the gamer with different missions in the story company so that he does not get bored of the same actions:

“When the player goes through the story company, his tasks will change from global to minimal. For example, there are missions on a large section of the front, where the player may simply not have time to control what is happening on the screen, and there are missions where he steals grain in the village, roughly speaking, ”says Ostap.

He also mentioned the presence of bonus content:

“What we don’t have time to implement, for example, some factions or content to diversify the gameplay will be in the form of free DLC, and only when all the content of the base game is completed will we introduce paid DLC.”

As in many RTS “Ratten Reich” will have multiplayer in which players can compete with each other or go through the campaign together, for the selected factions.

“Everyone is interested in completing the campaign, but RTS doesn’t last long without multiplayer.”

About developers

The Metall Adler Studio team hopes that a large number of players will like Ratten Reich and they will feel the atmosphere and feel the lore of the game that the developers have created.

The studio also wants to add support for mods so that the community can participate in the development of the game itself. The developers hope for active feedback from the players and for the acquisition of a stable fan base.

“I hope that the game will appeal to a certain audience, in my eyes – “Ratten Reich” is a good game, but not without flaws, I myself understand this.”

Metall Adler Studio is an Eastern European indie studio with 12 members. The team has outstanding skills in areas ranging from music and graphics to programming and scripting. The developers are big fans of RTS games, and with the help of Unreal Engine 4, they create “Ratten Reich” as a tribute to history with a focus on the extraordinary.

Project on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rr0/ratten-reich?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=ratten

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