APK - Updated on January 9, 2023

If you have always liked such a genre of games as racing, then you have definitely managed to try a lot of similar games on the android platform. However, if you haven’t tried Real Car Speed, then you haven’t tried anything.

Real Car Speed: Need for Racer  MOD APK (High Damage) 3.9

In this game, you will get a great opportunity to test how fast you drive and whether your skills are good enough for such extreme driving.

The game is multiplayer, therefore, you have a great opportunity to fight not with a computer, as is usually the case on mobile phones, but with real, live players who, like you, are professionals and will certainly not give in!

The game presents a choice among 6 different cars that have different characteristics and features. As for the maps, there are 4 special tracks in the game, on which you will try your best.

With a handy ranking system, discover the spirit of the competition and fight with your friends or complete strangers for the title of the best racer on the planet! Also, the game has 8 achievements that will need to be unlocked.

This game will definitely give you a lot of pleasant emotions and a huge burst of adrenaline, as the game is truly lively and vibrant! And since the game was specially created specifically for this platform, it is well optimized, and is suitable for both small smartphones and large tablets.

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