GiftCode - Updated on December 31, 2022

Real Chess is a classic intellectual game in a new form!

List of Codes Expiration date
7JY5K3ERF4H July 29, 2022
LS9GAQ7YX8 August 27, 2022
D34XVA2Q7 August 23, 2022
7L5TK42J6WS July 22, 2022
XKS84JARZP52 August 12, 2022
MSKOIHYXE3T August 16, 2022

Chess this time is not just captivating with the gameplay and advanced artificial intelligence of the opponent! Now it’s just nice to look at the board with figures! New generation 3D graphics and beautiful animation of moves will give you the opportunity to enjoy the visual component without being distracted from the essence of the game.

You can compete in mental abilities online against a million registered users. Use auto search to quickly find the enemy. Make friends and communicate with players using the chat during the game. When playing alone against the computer, you are waiting for 2400 difficulty levels. It will get harder and harder to win! You can always save your progress and undo your last move. You can even change the style of the chess pieces in the game. Supports 2D mode, 3D mode, portrait and landscape screen mode.

The game has advertising, it is selected depending on the location of the player. User location data is needed only for this.

Train your brain and perfect your figure building in an app with high graphical capabilities and a convenient online game mode!

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