Realm of Arcania Codes Wiki [2024 July]

Updated on June 28, 2024

Attention all players of the mystical realm of Arcania! Unlock the power within with exclusive codes that will enhance your gaming experience. From rare items to powerful spells, these codes will take your journey to the next level. Explore new lands, battle fearsome foes, and uncover ancient treasures with the help of these secret keys. Join forces with fellow adventurers and conquer the challenges that await in the Realm of Arcania.

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Codes Rewards
Get Code 1. Arcane Cloak of Invisibility 2. 1000 gold coins 3. Ruby-encrusted sword 4. Enchanted amulet of protection
Get Code 1. Celestial sword of light 2. Bag of enchanted runes 3. Pouch of shimmering gemstones 4. Potion of invincibility 5. Armor forged by dragonfire
Get Code 1. Enchanted staff of lightning, 1000 gold coins, radiant diamond necklace, treasures awaiting in Arcania.

Realm of Arcania Tier List

Realm of Arcania Tier List:

S Tier:
- Archmages: Master of offensive and defensive magic, able to dominate the battlefield with powerful spells and protections.
- Dragon Knights: Fearsome warriors who can summon dragons to aid them in battle, combining raw strength with devastating fire attacks.

A Tier:
- Shadow Assassins: Swift and deadly assassins who excel at sneaking up on enemies and dealing massive damage with critical strikes.
- Vengeful Spirits: Ghostly beings that haunt their enemies, draining their life force and unleashing curses to weaken foes.

B Tier:
- Wild Shamans: Nature-based spellcasters who can manipulate the elements to cast powerful healing and offensive spells.
- Dwarven Ironclads: Masters of defense and endurance, equipped with heavy armor and shields to withstand powerful attacks.

C Tier:
- Elven Rangers: Expert archers who can attack from a distance with precision, but lack in close combat abilities.
- Goblin Tricksters: Sneaky and cunning fighters who rely on traps and deception to gain an advantage in battle.

D Tier:
- Barbarian Berserkers: Wild and reckless warriors who charge into battle without much regard for strategy, preferring brute strength.
- Siren Enchantresses: Charismatic spellcasters who can charm and manipulate their enemies, but are vulnerable in direct combat.

This tier list is based on the game's current meta and may be subject to change as new updates and balance changes are released. Players should experiment with different combinations of characters and strategies to find what works best for them in Realm of Arcania.

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