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A hen dinner battle is a place you resolve ideas. Bows and steel are clashing for glory, 40-person quick actions, and heart-pounding encounters that will improve your skills. Enhance Magic Mechas to bolster their constructions and forge one-of-a-kind pores, pores, and skin. Vie for helpful useful resource assortment elements with different guilds in Starry Wrestle! Eliminate unusual Demon God Bosses as an employee, and sort out hundred-player dungeons to slay monsters for Epic Gear!

Rebirth of Chaos Eternal saga Mod APK 1.58 (Unlocked)

Not bad at all a little Laggy but its a good game. I hope you can add asia server. Does this game got an official page that they are telling us when game bug?. Cannot access game now after reinstalling for a second time.. What is going on? I've been playing for a couple of days and spent a ot of $. But now it's not working.... i am send mail about login issue-502 bad getaway. but i don't receive very bad costomer service. too many time crash in Android..

Awesome game 🙂 The Witch : Rebirth is also awesome. Kudos to the developers.. Choppy fps... Couldn't get past first dude you have to talk too..... I don't give 5 becouse login ever enter like i open new game i need to login out and login to see main acount fix it. Good game but the developers grow tired of servers fast and don't even try to fix bugs instead they dush out more money eating content so you have false hope they will but sadly no then they merge you with a server who has more power then yours in hopes you will buy more or quit so good game bad money consuming not worth it unless your wallet is deep.. it boots me off when I'm logged into and play.!.

Fun game to play but lots of fighting. Boring.... Lacking.... Get to choose character enter game it crashes and closes everytime. 3 star because it's so bug.. please fixed it your game is amazing ,i gave 5 star if you fixed the bug.. all of a sudden I'm automatically out of the game without logging out... I got rank 2 in Good vs Evil event. Then the game gave me rewards for rank 4, and tell me I got rank 4. Trash game. Europe servers are always empty. This game is dying. Don't waste your time. After you download the game then you need to download 2.7GB of extra stuff.. Great game and great graphics really love the game, but since the merge a lot of bugs appeared in the game, like in chat you can't send emoji with messages or you get missing letters and won't be able to see the entire message. Also for Good Vs Evil, the wining side should be getting a winning reward..

So slow the loading its about 10%only So very lag the scene epic failed to play it so horible. Please help I need support!!! When trying to teleport to a different region map it says "unable to use teleport runes on a different faction map", I donated too much for this to start happening! Please help!!!. Its a fun game it just costs way too many gems to play in an certain events. The only way to get a single spin in 1 of the events is to top-up 10k gems. Thats atleast 150$ for a single spin. And here i thought devs couldnt become more greedy... *sigh* edit- ontop of that you have to keep topping up gems in order to keep your VIP.. Do not top up on this game. You could have spend 5k to 6k on new server. Then, the dev will merge the new server with old server which the new server are behind on everything!! Not worth your time or money!! Only way to get more power is spending and more spending and more spending!!!!!!!. After spending a lot, finally my character gone. Became a new player in different server. Please fix this issue..

After playing sometime. The game get super boring. Kill 50 boss- 0 to 1 drop. 0.000001. No originality, just a other auto play so call RPG... but basically is a idle farm game. No skills or knowledge needed. Just press the quest button and the game does everything for u 1 star.... One of the best games I've ever played it.. I like so far just started it. tolong perbaiki kenapa selalu saja lagi main tiba tiba ter pause diam aja klik sana sini kagak jadi sering begitu tolong perbaiki apa masalah di servernya atau bagaimana.

i think,that is a nice one!. Awesome game guys keep it up. Developers dosent read emails even from Google support about refunds and keeps ignoring!. It worked great at first but one I reached lol 350-355 the game won't even load. After I select my account and character it tries to load but always crashes after. If you spend money on games be weary of this one. I checked for updates, uninstalled and reinstalled game, and check my internet connection. My other games work excepts this one. If this can be fixed I would change my rating.. Best game i ever played in my life great graphics never-ending..

It's Jammin though it's fun to play, requires a lot of data, oh an it lags. It's a good game I love the graphics so much. Very fun game awesome way to kill time. Tell me please how to get Saber???. I really love this game, can you guys help me get un ip banned?.

When i was click the icon button its super delay and almost laggy. ill change the settings but nothing has change. Uninstall this game . Lags like crazy even on low settings. It's not a game just sit there and watch it play itself. If the makers want my money let me play the game.. Devs don't show what can get on boss coz doesn't help drop is lame like.001%'s for a Rich kid game.sorry but true happy gaming. I got baned. I refound payments becouse this prishures are rly scam . U get nothing for your money and game have game pushers and dead servers. Google accepted my refunds but money dosnt come back..

Game crashes nonstop, should have a 0 star rating. Fast pace auto or manual play, gear upgrades quick clear and easy to follow quest. My experience. Dont play/play at own risk.. I need wifi to connect. Developers won't help. I spent money. Cleared cache, deleted game and the game is not working properly.. I still have a ticket to Developers pending and its been about 1 month and no reply. Yes I got screen shot.. This game is trash....didn't play for 2 days now game crashes every time I try to login...if issue persist I will be writing a formal letter and expecting some form of compensation. well this game cost me so far 1000 dollars and i just begun playing 1 week ago so ill guess ill loose all my money in 2 weeks or less....

Great game play, great people, all together a great game. Not a bad game at all achaving fun. Love it one of the best I've played so far. The game ask you constantly to update, so once in a day there is the same update that you need to download to continue playing, same 2868 MB everyday. Very forced into P2W, you can not even speak to other playera if you don't spend some money. They have new classes, but you can't play until you have a 370 character, which for normal playera is pretty high level, so encourage also to pay, to level up faster. Overall bugged game and no chance at all if you don't put some money into it.. Games literally just a money grab. Day one and all the top 10 players have spent $500+ on the game..

Pretty fun for a auto play. Graphics are good too.. For now satisfied for numerous players however it's a pay to win game so think twice before starting a journey.. for devs: please fix text/language issues on European and Non Asian servers.. we experience impossibity in reading some information.. have a great day.. Good game but top 3 accounts on all servers as re fixed accounts.VIP 4s with all maxed equipment in 2 days of servers and a vip 6 can't get now where close to them?Have your game nothing but a waste of time and money spent. I got 30 seconds in and the game started playing itself. Uninstalled.. *Update: DO NOT SPEND REAL MONEY PLAYING THIS GAME!!! IF A GLITCH OCCURS, AND YOU LOSE DIAMONDS/GEAR, THEY WILL NOT REIMBURSE YOU AND THEY WILL CLOSE THE TICKET WHETHER THE ISSUE IS SOLVED OR NOT. So, this is the first time this has happened to me and I'm a little pissed. Today, I topped up $4.99. (300diamonds+ roughly 400 I had from yesterday) and then I spent 180 of those diamonds at the secret shop. They also took my last 40 diamonds for good measure..

A lat of bugs and pay to win. It's runs really smooth and has good graphics. Won't even load past pick character screen.

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