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Red Warfare: Let’s Fire is a turn-based strategy game where you start as a Private and work your way up to Field Marshal. In this game you will fight for rating and rank.

List of Gift CodesExpiration date
HS39I2PGJNFAugust 15, 2022
H0DF4ZLX5WAugust 21, 2022
9J7DWNKS5August 10, 2022
ECXOB289ASIJuly 22, 2022
O3E8TWPJA1H9August 21, 2022
41A9B50FX76August 11, 2022

You lead an army, which consists of a wide variety of soldiers and military equipment. Upgrade the fortifications of your headquarters and fight your opponents. Win big battles against strong opponents. Raise your rating and earn new titles by winning. Build barracks, research laboratories and other strategically important buildings. Raise the combat level of the army by sponsoring it with equipment and weapons from the Second World War. In the game you will find: beautiful graphics, exciting missions, a variety of weapons and formations.

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