News - Updated on April 29, 2022

On the ship “Milano” Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy there is a refrigerator that can be closed. But then it opens – again and again. And no one knows why – almost every member of the team claims that he definitely slams the door behind him!

As a result, players try to close the refrigerator several times per playthrough. It turns out that the developers are following the adventures of the door: according to latest datait was unsuccessfully closed about 18.6 million times.

“We appreciate your perseverance!” – add the authors of the game.

A separate story in production is connected with the refrigerator. Guardians of the Galaxy. She was told by senior creative director Jean-François Dugas (Jean-François Dugas):

What’s funny, we discussed this with colleagues a few days ago. No one remembers who came up with the idea for the refrigerator. The world designer thinks I came up with it, and the story leader thinks it was her idea. But it doesn’t matter – one of us came up with it! We discussed how to make the Milano space more habitable. Many ideas arose, and somewhere there the mythical refrigerator door was born.

The door also emphasized that the heroes do not live in luxury, and conveyed the relationship within the team:

At home, we are often faced with how something simple breaks down. And we procrastinate endlessly before we fix it. Often, family members subconsciously hope that someone else from the household will take up the repair. We wanted to capture this feeling. In addition, in this way we showed that the resources of the Guardians are limited, they do not have money to fix every little thing on the ship.

It took a number of iterations to turn the door into a working long running joke. For example, at first the animation with the refrigerator was too long. The developers were worried that the players would not want to look at it again and then the joke would not take off – after all, it is built precisely on the fact that the player would like to close the door over and over again.

The joke was inspired by scenes from two sitcoms, says Dugas. AT “American Family” Phil Dunphy constantly stumbled on the step in his house and sentenced that he needed to finally fix it. And in the show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” there’s an episode where Charlie works at a bar, and he always grabs the same chair and puts it back.

Influenced by these scenes, the refrigerator door in Guardians of the Galaxy and turned into an endless joke that pops up throughout the game and doesn’t really lead anywhere.

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