Game New - Updated on January 14, 2023

Assemble your magical resorts and earn tons of money for each achieved resort – After all, you are the Resort King now!  Assemble, Assault, and Raid, you are of us with the help of your super-pet workers! Earn money and spins by having fun with the large lucky machine. Be a part of and downside your Fb associates and play this limitless fantastic journey sport.

Resort Kings Mod APK 3.4.0

Great game, Little to no ads!. Love this game, but game is getting boring now .I've completed all my levels and been waiting ages for new levels to be added... Please update... Been waiting weeks for new villages, completed mine ages ago, boring now as nothing to do on the game. I love this game very relaxing enjoyable game.. So far its good not a lot of adds. I love this game just wish u gave more spins with the price u pay...but other than that seems great .

Just now trying this game and I love it. Its more exciting than the rest. Thank the developer!!!. Wonderful game, very fun very relaxing... love your game..thank you. It's a cute fun little game I enjoy it. This game is 100 times better that coin master. App is not starting up and open for play today..

Having really good time playing your game thanks. Three stars for now, will give a updated review after I have played for three weeks or more.. Would be nice if you were to make more levels. So Much FUN it's INSANE!!!!Cute Characters, Too. Getting better, every time I play it.!.

Real good game this is so awesome still a good game maybe add some more attractions for spins, MONEY. I really like this game it's so fun.. Very addicting game I just wish there was an easier way to get spins. Nice game , love it,graphics are you Awsome. THANKYOU for a happy game. Definitely worth 5 stars +.. It's a relaxing game to play.

Can't log in on Facebook for the game! I been signed in on Facebook... . I love this game very much it is so amazing. This is a great game and I love it . Its enjoyable watching my bear fly over head with a parachute to land your items you win for the next level! I enjoy collecting jewels to upgrade his outfits!. Great and easy fun, with slots and other fun boards..

Very good game I play a lot of these types like it very much keep them coming. Amazing so addictive, the graphics are great too but when will you be getting more worlds to restore? I've been waiting so long to move on past the cave men.. Not to much fun. Not really a challenge. This game is lots of fun to play. This is one of the funnest games I've ever played.

Love this game its alot of fun. Just started playing this game so early days enjoying playing it's fun so far. Not bad have played better ones. Is they all right game it keeps me occupied. This is my new favourite game I'll comment more soon.

It is a very cute game. You know I haven't had this game for very long and I've played other games like this one. And I this game better,I'm so glad I found it.. Fun I've just started this one.. I love this game recommend it to everyone kids and adults. I like the graphics of the resorts.

This game is lot of fun. Don't bother downloading this game. Once you reach the last resort, that's it. Then they tell you more are coming soon but that was 4 months ago. It's a complete waist of time!!!!!!!!. Well u get 50 spins and most of the time they just roll and the winning at worth how long it takes to get something to carry u on threw when I first start playing most of u the time u go threw the 50 spins in just as matter of moments it's no fun when I sit down and play a game don't want to run out of spins in 5 min cause there no way hardly to build it up cause u out of spins. On level can't go no further it says on map coming soon. Great game to play I'm relaxing playing this.

What a refreshing change of scenery nice to have something different from the other games.. Are new levels coming soon? Has been waiting for quite sometimes Thanks.. I love this game it's personal friendly easy to access and easye to build and easy points. Great easy to do just need friends love it . Good game but a little pricey.

It's a fun and pass time game. This is a brilliant game to play.. Let's try again, no free go, no install & play. Has it sunk yet ????. Love the game but not enough free soins. Good little game to pass a few minutes away.

That game don't give nothing, remove from my playroom. I like the game so far. It's not bad it might have potential but its still to early to tell. You have to spend money after a while to make it forward. Just started playing so far pretty good we'll see.

Fun and exciting as I learn to play this game. So far so good. I like Resort Kings. So far I'm at the 3rd village. I like it so far. I LIKE THIS GAME. A LITTLE DIFFERENT FROM THE SIMILAR ONES I ALREADY HAVE. JUST BARELY DOWNLOADED IT. WILL UPDATE AS I GET FURTHER!!!.

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