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Get ready, now there will be a lot of words “tactics” and its derivatives in a row, which is a nightmare for Andrey Makoveev (and what kind of synonym can you think of?) And a treat for the eyes and ears of connoisseurs of the genre. So, anyone who loves Japanese or Japanese-styled tactical RPGs in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre should pay attention to the fresh Reverie Knights Tactics, which has some really challenging combat and interesting tactical mechanics. Mastered? Hold on, this is just the beginning – now I will tell you what is really good in the game and what is not very good.

Dad’s daughter

The authors of Reverie Knights Tactics carefully work out the program that is mandatory in such cases – the game has a fantasy plot and more or less funny characters who actively communicate and show their character. True, some are rather annoying, but more on that later.

The setting here, admittedly, worked out well – in any case, the glossary is constantly updated with information about places and characters. The action takes place on the continent of Ramnor, where many fled after another continent, the more ancient Lamnor, was conquered by orcs, kobolds and goblins. Here the new inhabitants founded the Kingdom, which became the largest union of independent states.

Reverie Knights Tactics: Обзор

The game has been translated into Russian.

From here, the servants of the Order of Tanna-to (this is the local goddess of knowledge) plan dangerous expeditions to Lamnor in search of lost relics and information. So the father of our main character, Aurora, went to the ancient elven city of Lenorian, captured by goblins. And of course, he, along with the rest of the expedition, disappeared. Aurora, being not only a loving daughter, but also a cleric of the Order, after a while goes in search of him.

Although the mission is official and, to put it mildly, dangerous, for some reason, at first, the girl is forced to fight monsters in splendid isolation and look for a guide allocated to her in the gloomy forests – I honestly did not understand this plot twist. He, apparently, was invented in order to effectively show the gaze of the taken aback Aurora her best friend Brigandin – a joker who loves to eat tightly, and part-time a strong girl wielding a sword and shield. She, as it turned out, sneaked aboard the expedition ship in order to help us.

Reverie Knights Tactics: Обзор

In the depiction of characters, the authors do not follow the classic anime style.

Then the same guide joins them – the impulsive elf Fren, who at first does not believe in the abilities of the girls. After some time, the representative of the leader of the Order, Hellaron, a sentient golem, a living artifact that can absorb the memories of the dead, joins the squad. Meanwhile, in the camp are the grouchy drunken captain Galleras, whom the members of the expedition generally annoy; the jolly fat cook Garlos, who, like Brigandin, is obsessed with food; as well as a scientist and a scribe in one person, a goblin in a robe.

Reverie Knights Tactics: Обзор

On such screens there are interactive objects – you can find something useful.

As you can see, all the characters in Reverie Knights Tactics are colorful in their own way. You can communicate with everyone, conflicts periodically arise, and once there is even an option to expel Fren. However, there is no drama and depth in the spirit of Dragon Age, Pillars of Eternity and similar party RPG classics here – the style is not the same. In this sense, the game, of course, is easier and more fun, despite the fact that, according to the plot, Aurora will sometimes find dead those whom she knew and who went on an expedition with her father. True, the “funny” is largely based on the fact that Brigandin and Garlos are obsessed with food – jokes and conversations on this topic soon begin to unnerve.

Reverie Knights Tactics: Обзор

Well, how much can you about food, eh?

Knights of chaos and order

There are also questions about the system of chaos/order. Sometimes we need to make a decision that will tip the balance in the “red” or “blue” direction, respectively: more emotional and not always reasonable – to chaos, more balanced – to order. This affects the attitude towards us and communication with the characters, as well as the range of skills issued at new levels.

And now imagine. My Aurora in one of the situations refuses to expel Fren from the detachment, acting in “order”. And before that, she made more “blue” decisions. However, in the next important event, when there was an option to bypass dangerous enemies with the help of a special spell, the elf spoils everything, acts recklessly, forcing us to fight. Perhaps, of course, I didn’t influence him enough with my “order”, but still, you see, it doesn’t look very logical.

Reverie Knights Tactics: Обзор

It’s funny that Fren himself knows about our commitment to order.

It is also assumed that our decisions affect the plot, but in several situations this was just not noticeable. So, one day it was necessary to decide which of the goblin camps to check out first. Moreover, in one camp, as we found out, there was a high probability of finding Aurora’s father a member of the expedition in captivity. It would seem that we should go there as soon as possible before he dies. But in the end, in both options, even if we do not hurry, we will find him alive and listen to the same dialogue. So what was the choice then?

Reverie Knights Tactics: Обзор

Sometimes on the map you can find chests that open in such mini-games.

Combat skills

But with tactical battles in Reverie Knights Tactics, everything (well, almost everything) is definitely good. On the one hand, here we have a classic of the genre – characters spend turn points on movement and action points on attack, skills, defense or the use of consumables. You also need to choose the direction of view and, accordingly, protection. After all, stabs in the back cause increased damage, and if they hit “in the face”, then the chance that the attack will pass in passing increases. On the other hand, a huge focus is placed on the use of an interactive environment.

Reverie Knights Tactics: Обзор

Before the fight, you need to choose how to position the fighters.

At the same time, everyone has different skills, corresponding to their specialization (there are no classes as such). Brigandin, for example, knows how to hit and repel enemies with a shield; specializing in ice magic, Aurora cools opponents with spells; Hallaron creates copies of himself that distract opponents and can heal allies.

At new levels, they not only allow you to pump one of the three characteristics (strength, defense, dexterity), but also give out new skills. Moreover, in addition to the standard ones, there are also special ones related to chaos or order (depending on the propensity of the heroine to one side or another). And then a dilemma arises – to teach, for example, Aurora an extremely useful treatment or an ice storm that deals area damage. And only three skills are allowed to take into battle.

Reverie Knights Tactics: Обзор

Sometimes opponents have increased resistance to physical damage – this is where magic comes in handy.

In addition, the characteristics are influenced by equipment and tomes, which we study from the goblin scientist in the camp for cogni points – this is a local analogue of souls obtained for killing enemies and completing missions. Finally, it is important to craft food from the cook in time (yes, about it again!) from the collected ingredients – it restores health or mana and removes negative effects. And with the help of Galleras, we make fire, acid and other bombs.

Reverie Knights Tactics: Обзор

Scribe how much to spend on some tomes.

The battlefield is like a trap

All this is really important to do, because in battles it is almost always difficult – this is if you play on the usual (it’s the main one here), and not on the story difficulty level. Opponents are strong, there are many of them, they often conjure and use skills. And while the battlefield is always filled with interactive objects. Some restore health or mana, others, if broken, will give a useful item (sometimes chests come across). But more than the third, which are traps – these can be poisonous thickets, bear traps, explosive barrels, vats of fire, plants that spit thorns when hit, stone columns falling on their heads, and so on. But also the opponents periodically throw bombs at us …

Reverie Knights Tactics: Обзор

Here, all participants in the battle are surrounded by traps and obstacles.

And we need to take this into account when planning the movement and location of the fighters in such a way as to push the enemy into one of these traps or, for example, so that when such an obstacle is destroyed, opponents receive damage, and our wards remain unharmed. By the way, in almost every battle there are additional tasks associated with the use of the environment – for completing them we get additional experience points and souls.

The correct positioning is also important because the fighters have skills that cause damage in an area, in certain directions and cells. Some of them, especially strong ones, consume the concentration gradually accumulated in a fight. In addition, if the characters are correctly positioned next to each other, they will be able to carry out a particularly powerful collective attack.

Reverie Knights Tactics: Обзор

Such moves, if there are three of them involved, are shown as separate animations.

This is all the more important in fights with bosses, where special conditions always arise, forcing, for example, to attack first of all the magicians who maintain the protective barrier.

The only frustrating thing here is the lack of lowlands and hills, which would make the use of terrain features even more interesting and tactical. Well, an extensive system of professions that could be changed by shuffling a set of skills would not hurt, although these are purely subjective things.

Reverie Knights Tactics: Обзор

Some battles have to be replayed many, many times.

As I usually say in such cases, Reverie Knights Tactics is not a perfect game, questions may arise, but … As a tactical RPG, it certainly fulfills its main task – it makes you think and sweat in almost every fight and keeps you in suspense, in including due to the fact that it maintains a shortage of consumables and does not allow automatic restoration of health / mana after a battle or in a camp. In addition, she really looks and sounds very nice, and the bright characters only benefit the story.

Pros: quite an interesting story; many colorful characters, even jokes and remarks from some, let’s say, for an amateur; difficult and exciting battles that constantly make you think and use the environment; the game is beautifully designed.

Cons: the consequences of our decisions are not always felt; I would like more opportunities for using map relief; role-playing system may seem limited.

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