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The Resident Evil series continues to be in the field of view of its fans with such tenacity that one can only applaud and respectfully take off one’s hat. The much-appreciated Resident Evil Village has already been released this year, and now, in July, the Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness mini-series has been released on the Netflix platform. It is unlikely that anyone expected much from the film adaptations of this famous franchise, but it would still be wrong to pass by the novelty.

Episode 1. Meeting old friends

The action of “Endless Darkness” takes place in 2006, between the events of the fourth and fifth parts. Well known to us Leon Kennedy is going to help the American president to investigate a hacker attack on the White House. The president, by the way, is not a random character, but the father of the same Ashley, whom Leon saved from the paws of the Spanish cultists for a long time and stubbornly. In the series, we are even poked in her photo so that the players get another portion of fan service in the face.

At the same time, the compassionate Claire Redfield, from old memory, is busy with children and helps the victims of bioterrorism. The girl works for TerraSave, an international organization formed after the Raccoon City incident. Communicating with one of the victims, Claire draws attention to his drawing: he reminded her of the events of September 1998. The heroine is seriously alarmed that a refugee child can draw a crowd of zombies, and she also goes to the White House to tell about her find. Of course, there Claire intersects with Leon, but it would be too naive to think that the characters will continue to work together, in the best traditions of the series, the characters are separated (each of them has its own storyline) and intersect again only at the end.

Review of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. Claire and Leon are back in business

Too bad Claire and Leon don’t look like themselves from the 2019 remake. Especially Claire.

Episode 2

The Resident Evil franchise has always been about action first and foremost, not story and common sense. The events in each part are so absurd that attempts to retell these stories in all seriousness are doomed to failure. However, when creating their stupid plots about superviruses for all occasions, the authors of Resident Evil film adaptations for some reason try to stick to a gloomy and harsh tone, as if they are not sculpting a zombie action movie, but a political drama involving ghouls. The writers and directors of Infinite Darkness continue to bend this line and present the story with an absolutely deadpan face.

With all my love for the series, every time it is strange for me to see Resident Evil in the cinema format precisely because of such a serious presentation. Plus, it’s one thing to be immersed in all this yourself, to control the characters and, perhaps, turn a blind eye to inconsistencies, and another thing is to look at what is happening from the side, now and then slapping your forehead with your hand and screaming: “Well, why is that so!” In general, as you may have guessed from my unpretentious eyeliner, the script in Endless Darkness is expectedly stupid – it is full of typical clichés for the series (although sometimes it is even pleasant to recognize them) and is not able to surprise or impress.

Here is the first meeting with the infected in the spirit of “Sir, are you sure everything is all right?”. Here is the pretentious and impeccable Leon, who advises shooting zombies in the head and flirting with a fighting Asian. Here is Claire in a red jacket (does she even wear clothes of a different color?) Babysitting. Both main characters are incredibly correct and want justice. But they act, of course, within the law, trying not to harm other people. Antagonists also want justice, but at the same time they do not shy away from leaving a trail of human victims. One of the characters constantly repeats a tirade about what fear and horror are (apparently, he read the books of Bernard Perron [Bernard Perron] Silent Hill. Towards Horror”), and another tells about his insidious plans to the captive hero. Oh yeah, don’t forget about the countdown when the secret object self-destructs.

Review of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. Claire and Leon are back in business

The authors of Infinite Darkness did not stint on the models of the main characters, but the animations and extras turned out to be quite budget-friendly. Hence the emphasis on chatter: what kind of action is there if in one of the final scenes people get up from chairs like NPCs from Skyrim?

Episode 3. However, nothing new

This would all look fine in a game diluted with gameplay, but not in the series. By the way, I never understood why Endless Darkness needed to be split into four episodes of 25 minutes each. Why not make one feature film like Resident Evil: Degeneration, Resident Evil: Damnation, and Resident Evil: Vendetta? If you have an answer, write it in the comments to the review, please.

In general, you can find fault with the plot of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness and the behavior of the characters for a long time, savoring almost every detail. Here, for example, is a secret underground laboratory complex, right in the city, almost everyone under their noses. There are no employees, and even the main villain walks on it without protection (as you might guess, this could not end in anything good). Well, isn’t it absurd?

But let’s leave the unfortunate plot behind the scenes and discuss the action for which the series has always been famous. In Endless Darkness, there are indeed good action scenes, but there are very few of them, and it seems that they are almost worse than those that we have already seen in previous CGI films in the Resident Evil universe. Non-combat scenes are also shot without frills – the editing and camera angles will definitely not cause you enthusiasm. The graphics as a whole seem cheap, and the animations are quite embarrassing compared to previous tapes. Especially in the finale, which feels frankly weak: there, the heroes expect what is probably the most miserable boss battle in the entire franchise.

Review of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. Claire and Leon are back in business

Resident evil. Leather jackets for every taste.

Despite all my reproaches, globally “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness” is not much worse than “Degeneration”, “Curse” and “Vendetta”. The main thing is to moderate your expectations before you start watching and do not forget which game series you are going to immerse yourself in. After all, if you have seen past films, you already know roughly what to expect from them: a stupid plot on serious soup, a bunch of clichés, characters driven into the framework of their images and a generous chunk of fan service.

I can’t even imagine why watch Infinite Darkness if you haven’t played any of the parts. It’s definitely better to start your acquaintance with the franchise with something else – say, with a remake of Resident Evil 2. It feels like the series was made primarily for fans (there is even a budget Ada Wong here), but for some reason none of its creators I thought that the fans would not mind seeing, for example, at least some development of relations between their favorite characters, and not just a cool Leon with bangs, who again saved everyone.

Be that as it may, we can only wait for the next project from Netflix dedicated to the Resident Evil universe – a series about the children of Albert Wesker. I don’t know about you, but I’m already in anticipation and at the same time I’m looking for head protection.

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