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Uncharted: Off the Maps (originally simply Uncharted) is another Hollywood adaptation of one of the iconic video game franchises. News that Naughty Dog’s creation would be made into a movie began to surface as early as 2008, a year after the release of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, the first game in the series. Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, the candidates for the position of the director and the leading actor have changed. For example, in 2010 it was announced that Mark Wahlberg should play Nathan Drake. Negotiations were also held with Star-Lord Chris Pratt (Chris Pratt), in addition, Nathan Fillion, so similar to him, was called to get used to the image of a treasure hunter.

But in the end, the role of Drake went to a young Tom Holland (Tom Holland), and Ruben Fleischer sat in the director’s chair, who gave us the Zombieland and the first Venom dilogy. The film did not forget about the old Wahlberg, who, after so many years, got an older character. Did anything good come out of all these shuffles? Let’s figure it out.

We were meant for this, Nathan

To be honest, I was really looking forward to this movie. Not because last year I got acquainted with the series for the first time and went through all the games, not because I like the Marvel Spider-Man, and not even because I generally try not to miss video game adaptations. The trailer with Led Zeppelin as the musical accompaniment just gave me goosebumps. Although, in my opinion, trailers are evil. Today they will show you almost half of the film, and sometimes even frames from its ending. Let’s put the scene after the credits there right away, shall we? Oh yeah… In general, I do not recommend anyone to watch trailers, but “Uncharted” is the case when the film is simply impossible to spoil.

The action of the film adaptation takes place before the events of the games: before us, one might say, is the formation of the protagonist. Although the plot formula is, in fact, the same: the dexterous and smart Nathan, in the company of his older friend Victor Sullivan, are looking for an ancient, lost treasure, which other hunters also have views of. The search will bring the heroes to exotic locations like the tropics, and to ancient catacombs with traps, and to a pompous auction, where you can’t get away with bidding alone – you need to use all your skill and ingenuity.

The operation of some puzzles can raise questions, as well as how the characters then managed to get out of certain rooms somewhere off-screen. But in films like this, it’s better not to think about such things.

Despite the fact that the plot seems to be original, many scenes almost verbatim copy fragments from games. Well, or just inspired by them. Here is a cargo plane, as if flown here from Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Here is the orphanage where Nathan spent his childhood, apparently taken from his memories from A Thief’s End. Here is the auction already mentioned above, where one of the lots is a treasure that opens the way to bigger loot. Yes, just like in the same fourth part. Here is Chloe Fraser, who does not trust anyone, whom we first met in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, leaves the hero in the cold, and so on.

Nobody canceled even very small references like the Naughty Dog sticker on the suitcase of the protagonist or even the clothes of the characters, clearly sewn in a digital image and likeness. There is also a great cameo for real fans of the games – most of the audience in the audience simply will not understand it, alas (at least in my session full of people, I was the only one clapping at that moment).

One of the mercenaries was played by the seductive Tati Gabrielle, who has already managed to be remembered by many for the role of the insidious witch from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

So great and small

If everything is more or less clear with the plot (it is cheerful and uncomplicated here, but it maintains the spirit of the original source), then what about the main characters? As for me, to say that Tom Holland as a very young Drake, and Mark Wahlberg as a rejuvenated Sally do not fit into the images at all, or, on the contrary, as if they were created especially for them, is still taste. Yes, at first it is difficult to get rid of the thought that you are looking at the next adventures of Peter Parker. Holland’s character here behaves almost the same as his hero from the Marvel Cinematic Universe: he fights clumsily and jokes, only spider powers are missing to complete the picture.

Although Sally looks younger, she behaves like an old man, refusing to do anything even slightly physically difficult, although, it would seem, she could set a good example for her young student. Due to the fact that Sullivan does not climb on the rampage, the characters are forced to separate, so the first third of the film is more like an adaptation of the We Were Here series – the characters are far away, but they depend on each other and try to solve puzzles together.

Time passes, and you get used to new images of familiar characters. True, forgetting that Holland is Spider-Man without the help of Doctor Strange is still difficult.

In addition to searching for treasure, the film shows us how the characters gradually learn to rely on their comrades. In general, the theme of trust is one of the central ones in the film, and it is around it that the plot revolves. On the issue of the lack of intrigue: we already immediately understand where everything will come in the final, because thanks to the games we know that the characters will become friends. Everything is clear with the villains, however, despite the predictability of the story, it is still interesting to watch the film – and not least thanks to the local landscapes and the action taking place against their background. Add here a good game of actors (regardless of whether they look like game characters or not), perky musical accompaniment from Ramin Djawadi (Ramin Djawadi) – and you get quite a pleasant adventure movie. Toothless popcorn action for the evening – in the review and there is nothing to catch on.

The only thing I lacked in Uncharted: Off the Maps (well, besides Led Zeppelin on the soundtrack, why not just the trailer?) was good humor. Of course, there were jokes in the film, but not to say that there were many. Still, from the story about sharp-tongued adventurers, you expect more jokes. But let’s put it down to the fact that we have only the beginning of the adventures of the heroes and they are still rubbing against each other, and in the sequels they will already uncover their joke guns in full, and the plot of the continuation itself will turn out to be more intriguing. Well, the fact that it will someday come out is given in the film quite transparent hints.

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