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The formula for the success of the many roguelike dungeon-crawling games coming out in droves today seems well-established and almost win-win. We take “pixels” or something drawn, cartoonish, make the basis of turn-based battles and “random” casemates, chop hundreds of enemies abundantly there, add the permanent death of characters as a pepper, fill it all with a variety of skills, classes, items of varying degrees of rarity. And as a cherry on the cake, it is desirable to flavor all this with geeky humor, irony over games and over oneself. The authors of Rezrog observed the entire recipe described above almost verbatim. They just forgot to add such an important ingredient as balance there.Rezrog game review

Each dungeon has some random effect – enemies can be, for example, 10% stronger.

Cell by cell, cell by cell!

Rezrog is stylized as a board game – dungeon cards are scattered right on the table, where there are cubes and cans of Coca-Cola, and we control the chips of heroes who, like enemies, funny jump through the cells. It looks stylish, but specific – about the same we saw in Card Dungeon. The plot is appropriate, with an admixture of irony: funny little characters of different classes fought off enemy hordes together, and then gathered at a table in an empty tavern and began to tell stories about their exploits.

And in the breaks, they really make daring forays into the surrounding catacombs, full of all sorts of creatures. Only for some reason not all together, but one by one. If someone is defeated, then he falls into a dungeon, and to replace him, we choose another hero who can pull out a comrade-in-arms. And so on in turn. If everyone ends up behind bars – the end of the party, recruit a new one!

Directly in the catacombs, our wards fight, open doors, clean potion barrels and weapon racks, find books with new skills and perform simple tasks that can be of several types – kill everyone, save prisoners, find three parts of a weapon and repair it, click on all levers.

For victories, experience is awarded, and at a new level, you can improve basic characteristics – strength, dexterity, intelligence, luck, endurance. The battles here are turn-based, but no frills: we jump on the available cells, spending move points, attack, use a skill or a potion. Well, or we skip the move, letting the adversary get closer. The main thing is to avoid cells with traps.

One for all and all for one?

After the victory, we are allowed to go immediately to the next dungeon, but it is better to return to the tavern. There you can not only sell unnecessary things by buying weapons, armor, instant potions or food (it restores health gradually), but also repair equipment, improve skills with crystals and do light party management.Rezrog game review

Navigating the location without the ability to move the camera left and right is very difficult.

After all, the Rezrog concept seems to be designed for interaction and mutual assistance between the characters. Everything that one gets is available to others. In the tavern, you can leave some things to the rest in a common box or transfer the same potions to someone specifically so that he does not start the game empty-handed. And even the skills that one hero has discovered are then available to others. In the tavern, you can equip any available ability to any character – unless, of course, the magician needs a circular strike, which is used only with melee weapons. That is, it is clear that one has to take into account specialization, but there is still room for experimentation.

Rezrog also has a local “inheritance system”. By spending a special crystal and a certain amount of money, you decide which character class in the next playthrough (that is, in the new game) will receive bonuses. The more often you spend on this particular class, the more next time it will receive.

No, one for all!

However, this whole cooperative concept is ruined by the fact that the whole game can be completed in one sitting with one character – if there is a lot of time, of course. And it will most likely be an archer or a summoner. Well, or, as an option, a paladin. Some classes here are clearly stronger than others, which is the fault of the combat system. In fights, it is most effective to hit with an arrow or magic and retreat, counting so that we have time to hit, but the enemy does not jump to us.

As a result, my archer quickly turned into a thunderstorm of underground boars, mice and magicians. Of course, at some point it is easy to play too much and rake to the fullest in the next casemate, running into strong enemies. But in this case, there are already completed dungeons, where you can endlessly return for the sake of “loot” and “pumping”. Well, if your best hero did end up in a dungeon, start just as hard, slowly, and “pump” another one according to one scheme.

As a result, instead of a dynamic “bagel” with an unusual party micromanagement system, mutual assistance between partners, which would make us think somehow, juggle heroes, skills and objects depending on the situation, select different characters for different dungeons and joyfully pull friends out of the dungeons, we got a rather boring dungeon crawler. And it is focused, in fact, on the monotonous “pumping” of several, initially more powerful than the rest, heroes.

Rezrog game review

“Which chip will you play?”


This is all the more offensive because the game is, in fact, potentially very interesting, of high quality – stylish, with pleasant music, light irony and hundreds of dungeons. And even a leisurely passage by one character is not so bad, but for some it is even better than fussing with the party. It’s just that we have already seen this, and more than once, and Rezrog had every chance to occupy its niche. Until it worked…

Pros: a potentially interesting concept of interaction between heroes who must replace and help each other out; many dungeons, enemies and items; the ability to “pump” skills and change them between characters; ironic atmosphere; stylish picture; very nice background music.

Cons: The concept of interaction between heroes does not work as it should; there are problems with balance; the camera in the dungeons cannot be moved; there isn’t much of a plot.

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