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Ubisoft planned to release Riders Republic back in February of this year, but decided to delay the release in order to improve the quality of the project. As just announced at the Ubisoft Forward event, the game is now set to arrive on September 2nd on both generations of PC and consoles. A few days ago, we attended a closed presentation of the upcoming new product and are in a hurry to share all the details.

All about Riders Republic: multiplayer fights, races with dozens of players and search for sights

What is the game about?

As the developers themselves say, Riders Republic is “a huge multiplayer playground.” The open world is collected from the famous national parks of the United States, players in it will be able to participate in extreme sports competitions. Among them are cycling, snowboarding and skiing, as well as flying in wingsuits.

Players will be able to drive through national parks, including Bryce Canyon, Yosemite Valley, Sequoia Park, Zion and others, together with other users. If you don’t feel like going through career mode races alone, you can call your friends and compete with them, or let the game find you rivals. This is true for any kind of entertainment – Ubisoft wants every player to feel like part of a larger community. But no one forbids playing solo either.

After entering, you will be allowed to teleport at any time to Riders Ridge, the central location where the players cluster. There you can collect weekly tasks, get contracts with sponsors and visit the shop with cosmetic items. Multiplayer modes are also launched there. The most interesting of them is called Tricks Battle.

All about Riders Republic: multiplayer fights, races with dozens of players and search for sights

About multiplayer

Tricks Battle is a competition between two teams of six people. The scene of action is insane arenas in which you need to score more points together than opponents. Although the title hints at tricks being the most important thing here, it’s not that simple – teams can capture areas of the map, thereby increasing the score multipliers.

As an example, we were shown the High Tower Arena map, where players competed on snowboards. There are ramps, and railings, and acceleration – you earn points almost every second. As in other similar games, bonus points are awarded for tricks in the air, accurate landings, jumping from one object to another without stopping, and much more.

Another PvP mode is “All against all” (Free For All). For him, the developers specially make up playlists of events with different tasks: somewhere you need to perform as many tricks as possible, somewhere you need to win races. You can create private PvP sessions to invite friends there.

The open world is home to the biggest PvP experience in the game. It is called Mass Race and it starts every hour in different locations on the map – players must arrive at a given point before the start of the event and confirm participation. On legacy consoles, these races will feature around 20 people at a time, while on other platforms the number could be over 50 (the trailer shows a race with 64 users).

It looks like this. A group of players snowboard through the yellow gate and perform tricks. At some point after hitting the ramp, they all put on jet wingsuits in a split second and are already flying through the rings. Having flown a long distance, right in the air they sit on a bicycle, fall to the ground and ride on. Although realism does not smell here, the mode looks funny, especially without pauses and reloads.

All about Riders Republic: multiplayer fights, races with dozens of players and search for sights

About career and not only

Each of the featured sports will have its own career mode, consisting of a variety of events. After passing enough challenges, the player will be able to enter prestigious competitions based on real sporting events, including those organized by brands Burton, Santa Cruz, Rossignol, Canyon and Salomon. For example, fans of cycling will have to take part in Red Bull Carnage and ride along narrow mountain paths.

The map is littered with all sorts of events, but that’s not all it has to offer. You have to look for “points of interest” with descriptions – for example, you will find out where the rock formation Angels Landing in Zion comes from, and also feel like a tourist watching beautiful views at the top of Glacier Point in Yosemite Valley. In addition, special places for tricks, collectibles and hidden relics are scattered throughout the map. To make it easier to explore the vast world, players will be able to use a snowmobile and paraglider.

Not without character customization. By participating in competitions and completing tasks in career mode, you will be able to unlock various items of equipment that will allow you to improve in some way. Each piece of clothing gives bonuses, and regardless of the style of play, you can choose the right equipment.

Riders Republic will be released on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. In the summer, the developers plan to conduct several beta tests – registration for participation in them will open in the near future.

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