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A coup d’etat took place in a tropical country called Merania, and now a cruel and bloodthirsty dictator rules in the country. The most democratic democracy in the world will have to restore order in this country, overthrow the dictator, and establish a democratic regime. You, as the commander of a special detachment of special forces, will have to throw your wards into the impenetrable jungle. Then they will build your military bases there, strengthen and improve the military-technical arsenal, and fight for the freedom of Merania.

List of Redeem CodesExpiration date
CUY5R130VD9September 1, 2022
UX14JM3ZRBJuly 27, 2022
UHLYXJZM8August 23, 2022
8NLIOBHKM07September 14, 2022
CULN7E8P1J09August 24, 2022
WXP7L81V3TGAugust 29, 2022

Think over everything to the smallest detail! What do you need to build a military base? Decide, and try to acquire only the necessary items, without which you can not do at first. Buy first-aid kits, grenades and other ammunition. Pay attention to the military training of your soldiers of fortune. All mercenaries must be armed with the latest weapons and provided with everything necessary.

Remember! Your mercenaries will fight not only in the jungle, but also in urban environments. Focus on this, supplying the fighters with equipment. Boldly step through the numerous levels of the new exciting action-strategy RiotZone, persistently achieving the goals set by the command.

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