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A lot of developers have been loving making love letters to Japanese tactical RPG classics like Fire Emblem, Shining Force, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Tactics Ogre lately. The only pity is that not all of these messages are interesting to read …

You are my friend, I am your enemy…

Take Rise Eterna from studio duo Makee and Forever Entertainment SA, which launched on Switch in May and made its way to Steam in June. It’s interesting to read at first. In the sense that the authors, who promised an adult, gloomy story, came up with an intriguing plot. The action takes place in a fantasy kingdom, suffocating from devastation, anarchy and robberies. A couple of main characters – it seems like just a robber from a gang that attacked a peaceful village, and a girl who, protecting this village, killed all the robbers.

His name is Natheal, hers is Lua. He does not participate in the attacks themselves, but guards the gang’s camp. And he came to the village when he realized that the robbers were delayed. There he found Lua with a sword in a pool of blood among the corpses. She, of course, and Nate wanted to cut her right there, but fell exhausted, and he took her to the camp and cured her.

Rise Eterna: Overview

Naturally, Lua has been blaming Nate exclusively for a long time.

But fate and the scenario develop in such a way that the heroes begin to travel together further – first, because it’s just along the way, and Nate himself, left without work and without work, is not averse to accompanying and protecting the girl. Then they kind of become attached to each other – especially after Lua finds out about the family drama experienced by Nate.

Intriguing? Intriguing. Moreover, in the process, this colorful couple meets many new, also colorful characters. There are charming twins, and a curvy dagger thrower, and a dancer with a whip, and a former soldier of the royal army, against whom we often fight, and an orphan boy who was brought out and made a first-class archer. There are also secret characters that will be found and join us only if certain missions are replayed.

Rise Eterna: Overview

Each has a biographical note, and every now and then participates in cut-scenes and dialogues.

And most importantly, according to the plot, Lua gathers her sisters, who were sent to protect other villages. The mysterious man told us that it was very important, but did not explain why.

Heroes who kill old men and women

Another thing is that the further, the less logic and elementary motivation in all this. Almost all sisters refuse to leave their villages, whose inhabitants stand up for them. And Lua, although she herself recently protected the same villagers, gives the order to kill everyone. That is, we kill women with sickles, young men with pitchforks, old men who can barely walk and do minimal damage, if they hit us at all.

It’s almost physically unpleasant to look at.

This could be justified by the fact that the authors deliberately immerse us in the atmosphere of an adult story – such an atypical situation, where the players experience the same disgust as the characters, potentially contributes to this. Lua’s behavior seems to be explained by the fact that she simply has no other choice – the mission is too important.

But the trouble is that after we have gathered all the sisters together, nothing really important happens. “The people have gathered – what’s next, why all these victims?” – we ask a little already nervous. And they answer us something like this: “But FIG knows why. Now here you are, when you have gathered, travel further and find out what all this is for and why, and what is your purpose.

Rise Eterna: Overview

Here we are asking the same questions throughout the game.

After that, and also after the killers of the elderly, women and children, begin to wring their hands and shout: “How can you just take and kill a person ?!”, when one of them wants to deal with a bad traitor – that’s after it is simply impossible to take Rise Eterna’s “adult, dark story” seriously.

Rise Eterna: Overview

But everything is drawn like in a good anime.

There is no call. And exit…

In the gameplay itself, the game also has obvious problems. And the main one is a frank imbalance. Everything is focused on combat and micromanaging the party in between. In fights, we move the characters’ figures one by one in the cells, bring them within a striking distance to the enemies and press the attack button, after which the combat animation starts, and we see if we managed to deal damage or if we missed / the enemy dodged.

Rise Eterna: Overview

On the maps you can find chests, crafting resources and interesting details.

It is assumed that tactics in such a situation revolve around deciding when, whom and by whom to attack. And it is desirable to do everything so that your wards are on neighboring cells – this is how they receive bonuses (to the probability of a critical strike, for example). However, in reality, the fighters are so much stronger than their enemies that there is no special tactic other than “Run up and hit” and no. It is best to attack first with archers – they turned out to be just super soldiers here.

Rise Eterna: Overview

Combat animations are stylish.

You can’t change the difficulty to a higher one (it’s the only one here by default), the enemies behave passively and start walking / attacking only when our fighters are in their visibility zone. And almost every one of our 14 wards has their own killer tricks in their arsenal, which we gradually learn on the skill tree.

Rise Eterna: Overview

There are both common to all and unique branches.

So, they can attack several times per turn and immediately “reload” moves to allies, inflict a double critical attack, guaranteed to counterattack while the enemy is only swinging, poison and stun with their arrows. And the twin sisters, when they are nearby, immediately double all their indicators.

And our wards are able to attack even through walls and obstacles.

On the one hand, it’s good that there are so many fighters of different classes with unique skills. And it seems to be interesting for us to decide who to take with us on a mission – a maximum of six are sent on a mission. And the ability to improve their characteristics with crystals found on the battlefields fits into the definition of a normal RPG with different pumping options.

Rise Eterna: Overview

Some crystals improve some indicators, while others worsen.

It’s bad that the enemies in such a situation are simply not able to provide much resistance – even the bosses. And craft is also almost useless. What is the point of collecting resources on the battlefields and then crafting bombs and strengthening potions from them, if we are already fortified to the most armored ears? Unless healing potions become more or less needed in the second half of the passage. True, not because of the appearance of tough enemies, but because of traps with stakes or poison placed here and there. Although there are no tactics here either – we are not even able to determine where these traps are and how to deactivate them. That is, we act randomly.

Rise Eterna: Overview

There are almost no enemies left, and half of my squad has been poisoned.

It seems that the authors of Rise Eterna had everything for success. The game is pleasant, in a good old-school way it looks and sounds, there are colorful characters, cute anime girls, an unusual plot and, in general, gameplay that is classic for the genre. But the developers, unfortunately, lacked the skill and sense of proportion to balance all this and produce a truly mature and thoughtful tactical RPG.

Pros: colorful characters; classic gameplay for the genre, where there are both tactical battles and opportunities for developing hero classes and their skills; nice picture; pleasant music.

Disadvantages: the plot that starts abruptly quickly slides into outright insanity, where the characters lack logic and intelligible motivation; the gameplay is spoiled by the lack of balance.

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