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Rise of Cultures is a historical strategy game set in BC during the heyday of the Roman Empire. The player starts as the ruler of a small state, but the successful development of the economy and military power will expand the state borders and start the wars of conquest. The gameplay is very simple – you need to actively exploit valuable resources, build a large city with industrial buildings and try to assemble a powerful army for future conquests. . War or trade – each player chooses how to interact with their neighbors.

Rise of Cultures Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Gems) 1.68.5

Rise of Cultures

Fight with dangerous opponents

The action of Rise of Cultures takes place in the ancient world when humanity began to create truly vast nations. Players will have to conduct a series of successful conquests, meet with Julius Caesar himself, and battle dangerous opponents and legendary generals.

In the process of conquering foreign territories, you will have to interact with local people and study their culture to enrich yourself and get new opportunities for cultural conquest. The most important thing is to take care of the country’s economy, otherwise, your empire will quickly become prey for hungry neighbors.

Scientific gameplay

A serious aspect of the gameplay is the development of science – to prevail in the military and economic spheres, you will have to invest a lot of free resources in the research of new technologies. With them, you will be able to fight more effectively, get more food from farming and build huge structures, improve the infrastructure of your cities. The monetization mod will open the opportunity for players to instantly receive a huge amount of local currency and spend it on various purchases and grow right up to the last level.

Download ( V1.68.5 )
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