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Robot Tactics: Real Time Robots War is a mesmerizing turn-based strategy game in which you will face a long-term war of high technology and magic. The country of Honir and the kingdom of Paz have been continuing open confrontation for more than 100 years, destroying the world familiar to their inhabitants. Combining elements of a card and role-playing game, a unique story and a chic design, this project attracts thousands of players every tribute, constantly expanding and updating.

Robot Tactics: Real Time Robots War
 Coupon Codes (2023 February) 135
All Codes Expiration date
NS3V2KTJX8R February 13, 2023
6BFJW9MURG January 9, 2023
0NALPYOTD February 13, 2023
5ERSJDHAC4W December 22, 2022
Z2WRNFPVE5XU January 4, 2023
H2TE38QRCA5 December 27, 2022
P0J4OUAIB9X February 8, 2023
A72L94PRQ8 January 27, 2023
9BI4NDJ7W February 3, 2023
QZ5KWR32VED January 11, 2023
2OAURS6KV1W3 January 29, 2023
FOGL90B1MDU January 22, 2023

Game Features:

  • original story;
  • grandiose turn-based battles;
  • unique collections of items;
  • customized robotic system;
  • colorful graphics.

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