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The main difference of the arcade is the unique character development system. At the beginning of the story, the player controls one standard character, who, after his death, leaves many children. The children of the protagonist can continue the passage, but it is much more complicated due to the presence of various defects in the descendants. This cycle repeats indefinitely until the player completes the story campaign.

Weapons and spells

In addition to disadvantages, heroes also have unique abilities. They can be developed using the skill tree. In addition, the player should collect blueprints scattered around the map. They must be given to the blacksmith, who is able to create armor and weapons for the characters. You can also come to the blacksmith with a request to repair or improve weapons.

Rogue Legacy also has a developed magic system, which includes dozens of different spells. To master magical skills, the hero must visit the sorceress and purchase runes from her. Spells are used to deal damage to enemies. For witchcraft, you need mana, which is restored over time. If the user has a special currency – Soul Stones – then he can go to the Soul Shop and purchase a special offer.

Maps, locations and special challenges

All acquired abilities will be needed by the hero to pass the tests. The gameplay is greatly complicated due to the fact that the cards in Rogue Legacy are randomly generated. For this reason, when managing two different heirs, the user will not encounter duplicate cards. At the same time, the levels differ in the number and strength of enemies.

In addition to the main maps, the game offers special rooms where the player can participate in a mini-game or pass an additional test. The greatest interest of users is attracted by the room with the clown Buyan: he offers to shoot spells at the target. There are also rooms with barrels, chests and other useful items; rooms with passages to another location, rooms with bosses, etc.

Also in Rogue Legacy there is a set of special challenges – Scars of Erebus. To pass them, the player must complete special tasks and fight advanced opponents. For the passage of the Scars, as well as for the study of hidden rooms, the hero can receive additional rewards and game achievements. For ease of passage, the entire interface has been translated into Russian.

Analogues for Android

To date, Rogue Legacy has a working PC-only version. As a replacement, users can download a similar application to their phone: Magic Rampage.

Magic Rampage

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