Rome Conqueror: Strategy Games Codes [2024 July]

Updated on June 29, 2024

Embark on a thrilling conquest of Rome in the strategy game “Rome Conqueror.” Test your skills, alliances, and cunning tactics as you battle against formidable foes to claim victory. Unlock exclusive cheat codes to gain an edge in the game, from secret weapons to invincible armies. Dominate the battlefield and rewrite history as you rise to power in this epic strategy game. Conquer Rome with skill, strategy, and the right cheat codes at your disposal.

New valid for Rome Conqueror: Strategy Games Codes

Codes Rewards
Get Code 1. Gold coins 2. Ruby amulet 3. Diamond dagger 4. Ancient armor
Get Code 1. Legendary sword of Julius Caesar 2. Chest of Roman gold coins 3. Ruby-encrusted laurel wreath 4. Shield of the Legionnaire 5. Bag of precious gems from conquered lands
Get Code 1. Gladius of Victory: +10 attack, +5 defense 2. Purse of Gold: 1000 coins 3. Crown of Caesar: +20 leadership, +15 charisma

Rome Conqueror: Strategy Games Tier List

Here is a tier list detailing the strengths and weaknesses of various factions in Rome Conqueror: Strategy Games:

1. Roman Empire: Known for their well-rounded military units and strong economy, the Roman Empire is a dominant force in Rome Conqueror. Their disciplined legions and advanced technology give them a strategic advantage on the battlefield.
2. Carthage: With powerful naval capabilities and skilled mercenaries, Carthage is a versatile faction that can excel in both land and sea battles. Their trade networks also provide a strong economic foundation.

1. Gauls: Fierce warriors known for their superior cavalry and guerrilla tactics, the Gauls are a formidable force on the battlefield. Their unique ability to quickly mobilize forces and surprise attacks make them a challenging opponent.
2. Egypt: With a strong economy based on agriculture and trade, Egypt can field powerful armies and maintain a stable empire. Their unique units, such as chariots and war elephants, give them an edge in battle.

1. Greece: Known for their advanced philosophy and culture, Greece has well-trained soldiers and powerful naval forces. However, their economy may struggle compared to other factions, limiting their ability to expand rapidly.
2. Germanic Tribes: Fierce and barbaric, the Germanic Tribes excel in surprise attacks and raiding tactics. However, their lack of advanced technology and infrastructure can be a hindrance in prolonged warfare.

1. Parthia: A powerful empire in the East, Parthia relies heavily on cavalry and archers to dominate the battlefield. However, their limited resources and vulnerable borders make them susceptible to invasion.
2. Britannia: A faction known for its rugged terrain and fierce warriors, Britannia struggles with a lack of advanced technology and infrastructure. Their isolated location also limits their expansion opportunities.

1. Dacia: A faction known for its skirmishing tactics and light infantry, Dacia struggles to compete with more advanced empires in Rome Conqueror. Their limited resources and lack of a strong economy hinder their ability to thrive.
2. Numidia: A faction known for its skilled cavalry and desert warfare tactics, Numidia faces challenges due to their limited resources and vulnerable borders. Their reliance on hit-and-run tactics can be risky in prolonged battles.

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