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Rope Hero is an action game with an absolute superhero, in the role of which the player will have to act. Start exploring the whole world and save people from trouble. Now only this is your main mission.

Rope Hero
 Codes (2023 February) 3.3.7
All Codes Expiration date
14KUN8PY3XW February 18, 2023
0GI1PSNKJC February 11, 2023
Q7ZG05IVE February 11, 2023
0G3M9JKCF4W January 22, 2023
BCUOIK8PD1A2 January 26, 2023
XYVUCHIOA8K March 15, 2023
WZOF9AUCQ4X January 26, 2023
ZHVSQCW7LR January 28, 2023
0FWUSRZ37 March 18, 2023
4U8CNFVS5KM February 15, 2023
QC4SXF5NPV8E January 31, 2023
DTUFL0WQINC January 23, 2023

Find out about the superpowers that this hero turned out to be endowed with. He has an unprecedented human strength that allows him to destroy metals, and he can easily cope with any enemies, with their armor. In addition, he can easily fly up to any wall of the house and jump from the roof in a way that no other character could do. Travel through an open and free city, try not to catch the eye of journalists or cops, and as soon as your help is needed, immediately find yourself at the crime scene. Users in Rope Hero should enjoy such high-quality gameplay that makes it easy to teach the controls and principles. Explore the urban area and try to deal with all the enemies. You can use high-tech weapons to eliminate existing targets. Rope Hero features

  • Fantastic 3D graphics and realistic animation;
  • Your hero has cool superpowers;
  • Fearless fights with enemies through the streets.

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