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Rope Hero: Vice Town is a killer mix of shooter and RPG set in a large open city. You are a superhero who can fly around the city with a special rope. You will have to face numerous gangs and make a choice: become the savior of innocent residents or a notorious villain.

Rope Hero: Vice Town
 Codes (2022 December) 6.4.0
All Codes Expiration date
6T58P42MRXF October 20, 2022
U5PA2MQBCK November 6, 2022
ZXKOVWCH9 November 29, 2022
DEQ43X0FURN October 23, 2022
TO0HFN2J4VWL October 9, 2022
YZV7SC6FKQ0 December 7, 2022
OWEVZBJ9YI4 December 5, 2022
Y2W6CEVFPK November 24, 2022
LI7SZA1NR November 7, 2022
TD7NREVQPI6 December 4, 2022
IJM9PED082N7 November 29, 2022
W5MHKN9LIGJ October 10, 2022

In Rope Hero: Vice Town you will be able to use a huge arsenal of different weapons and a variety of vehicles. Complete many missions, move around the city in any direction and learn everything about the main character by completing the storyline. Peculiarities:

  • Realistic graphics with the ability to configure different settings.
  • Huge selection of weapons and vehicles.
  • Lots of additional missions.

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