Game Mobile - Updated on April 24, 2023

Rope Hero is a good game of the same genre with a great storyline. At your disposal will be a huge city with lots of buildings, vehicles, police, side characters, and dangerous gangs. With dozens of story missions and game abilities, she gets the system requirements low, allowing you to play even on the weakest devices.

Rope Hero: Vice Town (Mod Free Shopping) 6.5.2

Install the mod to earn lots of money and upgrade your character! You can improve key traits, buy any weapon, and do lots of other upgrades with which the game will become so much more fun! There is always something to do in the city: you can start sorting things out with the police, get any car, complete story missions, or start a war with an already established gang. fill some cottages.

The main character can not only shoot guns but also participate in hand-to-hand combat. In addition, you can use your ultimate to move quickly and fight the most dangerous opponents. Explore a large metropolis in search of new adventures and special rewards hidden in the most unexpected places!

Game features:

  • Exciting action-adventure.
  • New superhero with exciting abilities.
  • a big city with lots of opportunities;..many choices of weapons and upgrades;
  • Use spectacular hand-to-hand combat techniques.
  • many dangerous opponents and organized gangs.
  • driving ability;
  • medium quality graphics and low system requirements.

Rope Hero will be a great choice to play on low-end devices. The application is not much inferior to other modern action games both in terms of graphics and plot.

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