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RTS Siege Up! is a classic RTS-inspired strategy game set in a fictional medieval world. Your castle is being attacked by an enemy army, so get ready to defend. Collect resources, rebuild buildings, strengthen the defense of the fortress. When the attack is repulsed, go yourself to conquer enemy castles and win cool trophies. A lot of combat units, nice graphics, a well-developed economic model, addictive gameplay and only vivid emotions from the game await all fans of the genre.

RTS Siege Up!
 Redeem Codes  (2022 December) 1.1.106r5
All Codes Expiration date
I2TPC4SE1ZO October 4, 2022
VO5W0C4AP3 October 5, 2022
70ZCD8MLS October 27, 2022
CB6KG0NLPI3 September 29, 2022
7DJAVMP26LZT October 12, 2022
JQPI9XMUBE2 November 22, 2022
H6FS0YR2KG8 November 18, 2022
U3VHCZFNS5 October 20, 2022
DW8EK4RMY October 8, 2022
5U3JFS6GBDP October 5, 2022
NVSG46JWO7UR November 18, 2022
LURSINFO7Q2 November 10, 2022

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