News - Updated on May 2, 2022

A couple of days ago, the network leaked gameplay with a description of the features Skull & Bones. This informal information does not end there – fresh brought Kotaku and Tom Henderson (Tom Henderson).

According to the publication’s sources, Ubisoft planned to release a pirate action this spring. Then the release date changed to summer, and then to September.

According to Kotaku, production is now Skull & Bones costs more than $200 million – including due to an agreement with the government of Singapore in exchange for generous subsidies. It’s a huge budget, and to keep it from growing any further, the game needs to be released as quickly as possible.

Representative Ubisoft confirmed the leak and promised to announce the details in the near future:

We confirm that this is a demo of our upcoming game Skull & Bones. We recently did technical testing, and some of its details have become public. This footage was taken from an early version of the game and does not reflect the quality or features of the final game. We will share more details soon.

Expected that Skull & Bones how the game service will continue to evolve after release. But its former developers aren’t convinced that entertainment can provide players and even the publisher with what is expected of it. At the very least, Reddit users are unhappy with what they see in the leak.

An insider is also skeptical about Skull & Bones. That’s why:

  • There will be only sea battles – neither on land nor on board the ship will there be fights.

  • You won’t be able to leave the ship even to collect resources. To pick up materials on land (for example, ore, wood and provisions), you need to look at them from the ship and press the button.

  • There is also an assault on settlements and forts – first you must weaken the target with cannon fire, and then your team will raid for you. The player remains on the deck all this time.

  • You can go down to land only to communicate with NPCs, improve the ship, sell loot, and so on.

Slick gameplay.

What else Henderson said:

  • Ships are divided into five levels: small, medium, large and others.

  • Vessels can be “sharpened” for different playstyles with different abilities:
    • Combat – withstands and deals high damage.

    • Exploratory – moves quickly.

    • Cargo – holds a lot of cargo.

  • Crew morale is one of the most important elements Skull & Bones. If this stat drops too low, your team can capture and even destroy their own ship.

  • World events include battles with mythical creatures. There will likely be at least the Kraken shown in the first trailer for the game.

Officially Skull & Bones launches on PC, PlayStation and Xbox until April 2023.

The first Skull & Bones trailer features the Kraken.

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