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Enter the world of Runestrike, where deadly Champions battle to understand efficient runes and overthrow historical gods. Runestrike is a web-turn-based card sport with brisk play and a deep approach constructed on straightforward mechanics. Get hold of proper now to assemble decks, diploma your Champions, and enjoy every troublesome single-player content material and PVP.

Runestrike CCG Mod APK 1.0.46

This is fun and engaging game with neat mechanics and challenging gameplay. Well worth a try both for campaigns and pvp alike.. a definite alternative to magic like it's baby step brother but very fun l9ve it so far. It's like a far better MTG Arena. No pay to win, decks are easy to make and you don't have people looking up the best decks to destroy you every time. Mechanics are simpler and games go much faster.. Way to hard. Your winning for a while and then all the sudden you can't even come close. No guides or tutorials to help either.. I've only been playing this game for about a month but what I have noticed is that it's solid CCG some interesting mechanics. I used to play HearthStone for years before Blizzard lost my patronage so I went on the search for a new game. this small developer seems to put a lot of work into this game and has tried hard to make something that is interesting and well-balanced. I'm going to continue to give them a try for some time and dive into this game and see how it is it has earned that much.. Love the game and when you're totally a fantasy card game then this is the game you must play with a lot of different kinds of variety in the game as well..

good game but needs more content. this game caught me off guard with how good it is. if you like deck building and testing strategies this will hit the spot.. good game but the boss on hard is unbeatable unless ya spend money. dis is my 2st card game.. I am having fun.. except for the fact, everything is as bit pricy and rewards can be litle more generous;)..... Horrible as soon as I purchased a pack now it won't let me play it keeps saying reconnect to the internet tried to re-download it on the computer and my phone and no service is working please fix I just spent 20$ on the game..

a lot of fun, addicting, the no adds is awesome.. takes a lil bit to get going if your a mtg player, but still good. it's fun, easy to learn, if you're good at tcg then you will do fine here.. great game play for anyone that is a fan of tcg's. Great game, plays great on chromebook.

awesome turn based game! challenging, engaging, exciting. only problem I have is it's nearly impossible to get a match in arena, just get stuck in queue. please fix!. Lots of wasted potential unfortunately. The gameplay itself is nice, but the lack of content is a dealbreaker. A.I. enemies are ridiculously strong and without the right cards, nearly impossible to beat. There are three gameplay options- Campaign (with no story)-Pvp-Arena...the latter is restricted to one attempt a day, Pvp is annoying for beginners and Campaign is so difficult that it only offers frustration. Could be a great game, but falls short in so many ways. Dont download...not worth it. it's a fun and I enjoy it alot.. Overall I'm having a great time playing this game. Good load times, no ads that I've experienced, good difficulty levels and a variety of cards for deck building. My one complaint that resulted in a 3 star review instead of 5 is that the multi-player mode doesn't seem to work. I've tried multiple times. It queues it up and even gives me an ETA but then the timer keeps going. It'll say estimated wait time of 2 minutes but then after waiting 10 minutes I just give up.. I was really enjoying this game. I thought maybe I had found one that didn't become impossible to beat. Unfortunately I've made it to the last level in the first campaign and this level seems to be impossible to beat. I'm tired of playing the same level over and over in homes I can beat it and move on. Otherwise it would have been 5 stars. Uninstalling..

I rather like this game. The picture is delightfully simple: The gods, in their awareness of one another, collided in war which had the effect of granting magic power to the ones who are eventually known as Champions. There are 6 realms of runes: There are Order, Nature, and Light, and then the opposites which are Chaos, Myth, and Shadow. I enjoy the artwork in this beautiful game. Building decks is fun (only 24 runes in a deck!).. Pretty solid CCG. I do wish there was more ways to earn gold for F2P.. Fun little Hearthstone clone. Actually I find it more fun than Hearthstone thanks to it's simplicity and speed. You can hop on and play a match in less than 5 minutes (that's right quick poopers). Great Magic of the gathering knockoff. Cheaper version of hearthstone. Wish you could control which enemy your minio s attack.

Very Fun/familiar CCG. Only issue is Flight is a negative trait for a creature, not a positive. If a creature Flys, it doesn't attack the creature in front of it. Yet the opposing creature CAN attack the flying creature. Which means you're flying creature is going to die, usually in 1 turn, unless you can buff it till next week.. love the game and would have given it a 5 Star if not for how much time it takes to search a pvp game. everything runs smooth, great cards, and wonderful mechanics! it's not a money grabber like other ccgs.. This game was called 'Blood Realm' before and you can play it inside of social media app.. no sign in bonus mail player takes forever to find an opponent. Nothing great about it...Matches are not fast like they claim, scales too fast, only a set number of cards per deck, 24 allowed...same old thing, get lucky on pulls or you are screwed. AI can have more than 2 of a card you cannot. The que for pvp is over 5 mins to get a match, and it simply is not a game worth spending $$$ on so...look elsewhere people..

easy play card battle game that gives great strategy and easy play. would like to learn more about card abilities, but other than that good game. strategic and fun card game, very simple to play, recommended!!. Seems good. Waiting to see if there's one deck that annoys everyone. I'm afraid to Google it.. I'm a huge fan of fantasy card games, like M.t.G. and Runestrike just became my next favorite..

It's not bad, a decently challenging card game. I don't know what kind of longevity it will have once you unlock everything. I don't think there's anything completely behind a paywall, which is good because their prices for different things are rather steep. Not as deep as Magic, but fun for what it is.. I have been playing the game for a few days now and enjoying the game dynamics and the artistry. The game is easy to understand and i like the different options of cards and heros you can choose.. All I get when I launch the game is a picture of what appears to be outer space with nebula in the background, it doesn't do anything after that. It's really impossible to play since it doesn't do anything.... I was really looking forward to playing the game, as it looked good in the ads, and I love a good ccg. If it can be fixed then I'll reconsider my rating.. pretty great so far, hopefully the game goes big someday. Can any developer make the game same as GUARDIANCROSS, all this tcg so many similar game...

very well designed turn based card strategy....the time lag to get a player in pvp is not good enough and the hard and nightmare modes much too hard in campaign leaving g a very short campaign option... More campaign chapters after over a year in production please and sort out the other issues. nice game, superb stories, but lack daily mission, would have stuck somewhere else if not steady.. Good game and nice job. Thanks.. pretty fun, the time walls and pay walls cause you to walk away after 20 minutes every day but it's still worth playing. This game is a must. If you like excitement and mythology roled into one, well, this is the game..

Really fun game. Difficulty scales drastically, but not too bad. Overall a very fun game to play. great game but its pretty expensive to play.. I played a lot of TCG and CCG and this is one of my favorite. It would be nicer if you would balance the game by nerfing the runes but not the heroes. Keep it up.. At the surface this game is a MTG clone and it is. In depth, there is an abundance of just enough different as to spark hours spent on this CCG.. Great game,very addictive. I like the campaign and online play. It would be great if the devs added the ability to add and battle friends. Other than that it's a real good game..

If you're a fan of Magic the Gathering you're probably like this. actually a great game on par with the big names. pretty good game overall. Not too complicated, but I'm having trouble finding an online match.. really an underrated game , amazing ,great gameplay and gorgeous graphic. Clever combat system. Nice artwork. Great game!.

Very interesting, game mechanics can be found in other ccg but this one seems a bit more generous. also the art is s3xy as hell. so far. These card based games aren't really my thing,so glad it has a tutorial.. the game is great. the marketing is filthy. its like the marketing team borrowed every horrible feature from other games like hearthstone. play regularly for a short time and you will quckly run out of ways to collect without spending unreasonable ammounts of $$ for small gains. most cards are rare or higher so u get all commons quickly and then EVERY pack you open are simply copies that turn to gems. and too few gems at that. the arena offers a fair rewad but can only be played once per day.. Bugged. You can't even place the cards because the game itself is so uncalibrated. The calibration is so poor in this game you can move cards. They dissappear after you touch them. Pretty sure they pay for their reviews. P.s. I'm on a brand new Damsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. match making is slow, maybe there are not much players but gameplay wise is fun. There isn't much cards to play around with as of yet. Hopefully dev will develop more cards for variety of playstyle. To earn coins/in game currency to buy booster packs is a little sad which makes development in the game slow as a f2p. hopefully there will be better rewards system to earn coins to buy packs daily or every alternate days..

No thanks I'll pass. You're forced to start with one deck unless you drop $ on the game.. oh nice,interesting and challenging,will spend money in the near future. Game is free to play, but you can get new champion one per two months! Runeterra much more free to play. Maybe it's reason why game is dying.. Fun mythical strategy card game that has a strong foundation and so much growth ahead. Can't wait to see what else gets implemented!. The game is cool but the dam thing cheets.

great game if you like strategic games like magic or flesh and blood. Im having a blast playing it. lots of card combos for the creative mind to play with.. This game is great!!! If you are a fan of Magic the Gathering then you will love this game too!. Addictive CCG game. very easy to get into!. There is just no way to get gold for new packsso upgradig deck is a no (unless $$) redoing previous missions/areas gives NOTHING in return so that means once you have spent the gold from quest that's it. You might get some from PvP but makes little to no dif. Mostly because of their ridiculous waiting time (vs ai 2 days vs player 1 day).. The game has gotten incrementally better, particularly with the solo battle release. Still, there are bugs. For example, battleaxe does 3 adjacent damage, not 1. Honestly, champion abilities are a pain point, not a positive. There's already enough to consider with card type restriction. Either stop restricting card type or get rid of the champion blood abilities. Also, wait times for pvp are absurd. The estimate is egregiously inaccurate. Also rune damage against entire team is horseshit.

Noice game. Easy to learn and play on the go. Thanks.. This is a cousin to Legend Of Runeterra. (If you have the memory, PLAY it. Please!) My (poor) phone is very feeble. This game is all I could ask for! Great: Art, Gameplay, and Style(!). Thank you, MakingFun! Y'all are brilliant!. Absolutely wonderful game so far. Pretty generous rewards for new players just by playing the campaign. Each of the 18 heros have 3 different abilities they can use in game that you earn by leveling them up, which leads to a crazy amount of strategies. The card fonts are simple and to the point. Edit: The people I see complaining about the game being too hard on fearless mode must not understand that that's literally the hardest difficulty for a reason, there's plenty of content before that.. Never ever you will find real player to compete..wait for ever...estimated time 2 minutes always but even after waiting 10 minutes you will find no one.. Great mechanics simple to learn hard to master with a customer friendly business model.

Got message that I will get core pack after reviewing. Have not received anything as of now, I was just shown the image of pack. No pack has been added as of now. ID 652369. Was I not given pack because I gave 4 instead of 5 star? Cards and heros are NOT balanced properly so I gave 4 star. not many play on low rank. I've played all the CCG's on the market. This one is by far the best out there. All these CCGs suffer from the same thing so you can't just blame this game for having the same core issue. There are certain deck builds that are statiscally the best, and you either play them or lose. Unfortunately there is only a few decks worth playing at all if you want to climb ranks. Still needs balancing. For instance. Darlok has 2/3 abilities S+ tier while most other champions are lucky to have 1 good one.. good game similiar to magic and other genre of this type. The game looks cool but it's far too complicated to learn and play it's nothing like any CCG card game I've ever played so it's uninstall from me never to be seen again.

One of (if not the BEST) CCG game out there. I know you'll read reviews on here about the game "being too hard" and it's simply not true. As the game is challenging, it is beatable if you know how to deck build using synergy, strategy, and common sense. The card art is beautiful, the graphics and gameplay are top notch!!! If your into MTG type games then I HIGHLY recommend this!!!. Im starting to love the game until I reached Gorgon hard mode. The developers basically designed the stage as unbeatable for your monster may only atk the gorgon once and they'll be forever stunned... How would you win a game where all your monster cant attack and gorgon monster just attack you directly.... Go play this game on your own devs. Perhaps you may enjoy it.. Seems like a decent game but after 16miutes waiting for a player to be paired with in arena can only assume it's dead.. Dang man! Hit that paywall F.A.S.T. Queue times for pvp are unreal, might wait 15 minutes for a 5 minute game.. Fun game. easy to learn but hard to master. definitely one of my new favorite games.

I'm redacting my positive review. The game keeps saying I have a connection problem and won't let me play yet I can sit on Eternium for hours without issue. It either starts and lags out and forces me to restart the game or it won't even start up at all. Typically if it lags out the game won't restart again for the day. You have an issue with your servers. I can play Eternium and Hearthstone without any problems on the same connection I play Runestrike. I'm done playing till it's fixed.. Very fun and challenging CCG game, slightly too difficult for beginners. Take your time and learn to put together decks that synergy well.. This game is highly addictive and challenging. I would certainly recommend it to anyone.. I have been playing for a while now and have yet to face a real opponent no matter how many times I tried and waited in the queue. that's why I give it a 4 , other than that great game good mechanics easy to learn, don't have to pay to advance just grind + Ultra .. It's very interesting card game. I wish they give us goodies every daily log in. I hope it gets some more balanced gameplay on every champions we face on the campaign. Like the fearless difficulty is so sweaty. I will come back again to this game if they add something new and if they balanced out every champions. Edit: I've lowered the star since it's hard to find a player on PvP. Like I've waited 15 mins still no enemy. I hope you could fix this..

Very well thought out CCG. Awesome challenges throughout Campaigns, great artwork and deck building. Good Job!. Great game, I used to struggle with connection issues, but it is really stable using my new data plan. My only gripe is the fact some things need paying for with real money, I believe they're only cosmetic things though. Terrible PVP search engine. True search time always exceed "estimtated time" 5-10 times, so sometimes you need to search over 10 minutes. Why don't you add bots, like other games does?! Also not comfortable card information search engine and menu. Everything else is good, nice campaign, balanced and enjoyable fights.. would love to love this game but from my point of view there are lots of card design flaws with most cards being entirely uninteresting and a majority of the keywords being completely useless and often detrimental. slow cards should have more of an effective to justify playing them but they don't even trade effectively, the games just haven't felt very interactive or interesting, a lot of the depth is circumvented by just how barebones the cards are. half the cards in this game are nothingburger. Great game! It's easy to tell that this game has a lot of love put into it - it shows!.

I love this game! I'm a big fan of CCG's and I'm so glad I gave this one a shot! I noticed it was made by the developers of the awesome game "Eternium" so I decided to try this game out and I am not disappointed! It's got both single player and multi-player modes that are absolutely fantastic and these modes reward the player generously! I'm having so much fun with this game and I highly recommend checking it out! Thank you.. Really cool CCG. I've spent a lot of time playing a variety of these and this one takes a lot of good things from a bunch, but still manages to be unique. app runs great. only giving 4 stars due to the long wait times to match with someone. if there were more players I'd definitely change this to a 5.. Game itself is ok, never found a single human player in arena, and ai clearly cheats, the will always have the exact answer no matter what, way beyond chance. Keep updating with new characters, cards, quests, etc. This is the best card based game I've played. Good job!. so time consuming and soo boring.

its a fun game. don't listen to others. they probably just suck at the game. great game. Good game, lacks an arena like environment where you can draft picks, it only has "constructed" game mode and vs ai game mode.. Haven't been playing for very long, but the gameplay is interesting. I don't often keep newly downloaded games for long, but we'll see. Maybe this one will be here to stay!. I've played most card games on the market, and this is honestly one of the most interesting variations on a time-tested formula. good time passer, and if you're into challenging TCG then this is for you.

Good artwork on the cards. Good game mechanics. Good variety of archetypes heroes and cards to choose from. Game seems fair and balanced so far. Looking forward to unlocking the heroes and cards I want.. Love the artwork. Love the pace. Very fair. Haven't seen a single ad yet. The storyline isn't long and drawn out. Works smoothly on Galaxy A12.. I like the game so far over all is nice card game but seems like no one is playing. ranked also let us do arena entry with in game gold like hearthstone.. has Endless Possibilities within the cards that you possess but I strongly urge to do a soldier, dragon, or Monster deck. now the dragon in Monster text will not be possible until you make it further down the career well, but I'm sure you can buy packs to get some if you choose too. Although the arevwork is great and the game play is good there are some issues that stand out and if fixed, I would rate much higher and recommend to my friends who like ccg's. The issues I found were no cultural diversity in champions or minions, takes ridiculously long to connect with a live opponent, balancing is off and more cards should be added to increase game play value and just overall enjoyment..

it's really simple yet fun. I enjoy it.. Perfect! keep on doing what you're doing. This game isn't difficult to grasp unlike some other card games. easy to pick up. Wish there was a bigger player base, but I'm confident it will increase over time. And you can always play against the AI..

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