News - Updated on March 30, 2022

Salt and Sacrificecontinuation of the 2D soulslick Salt and Sanctuary, got a release date of May 10. On this day, the game will be released on PC (Epic Games Store exclusive) and PlayStation.


In addition, developers shared details about PvP. This is an optional element in Salt and Sacrifice, so no one forces you to fight with other players. But the authors are trying to seduce those who don’t like online battles with more dynamic fights compared to Salt and Sanctuary.

Dynamism contributes to the following:

  • Dash with unique attacks, many of which send the enemy flying. So you can throw the enemy into the abyss, but he can catch on something with a hook.

  • Dozens of runes are powerful situational skills of the Inquisition. Among them are a shock electric wave, an attack by a swarm of insects, elemental enhancements, and a hail of ghostly blades.

  • Alchemy bombs. By the way, consumables are easily crafted.

Inquisition in PvP

The Inquisition is a mysterious order that eradicated magic in the service of the kingdom. She plays a central role in the story Salt and Sacrifice and is the plot basis for PvP. Inquisitors are recruited from among the condemned, giving them a chance to pay for their crimes.

Over time, the Inquisition split into groups that interpreted ancient writings in their own way. Apparently, there will be two such opposing groups – Shroud Alliance and Blueheart Runners.

Groups of inquisitors

Shroud Alliance:

They took the writings of the Inquisition too zealously, and now they are shredding their fellow inquisitors right and left. The Inquisitor must suffer, and blessed is he who brings the greatest torment to others.

Blueheart Runners:

These Inquisitors feel it is a sin to squander the opportunities that their new base has given them. They are ready to cash in even in the most desperate times and clear a new land, collecting unique magic items. Raiders from this group smash and collect loot using creatures from your kingdom and fearsome monsters from time rifts. A good inquisitor will exterminate any member of the Blueheart Runners who invades his kingdom.

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