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Develop to be a hero of the legend following the journey of the future with relative women, Oriental Collective Movement RPG Sports Samurai Blade! When Yokai and Folks coexisted inside the Sengoku Interval of Japan, a hero protected the Marble from Yokai, the village’s treasure. Nonetheless, with a mysterious incident, the Marble was taken, and the entire tribe acquired killed…

We invite you to the Cruel and Beautiful Story, the journey of revenge. Regular content materials, along with Journey, Raid, Duel, and PVP! By way of them, develop your heroic Warrior, defeat Yokai and get the victory! No other dull formation! Numerous Attributes of brave Warriors, comparable to Safety, Assault, Debuff, and strategic line positioning, make your Battle pleasing! Dwell Battle with tempo, and current your play using the right skills!

Samurai Blade Yokai Hunting Mod APK 1.14695 (Free Shopping)

Great game but i want the song that plays in the background and that's when I'll give a 5 star. Good game so far. Better then most gatcha and lots of free gems at the start. I enjoyed this game, but sadly got bored fast. It has a lot of good rewards and it's not much pay to win, but my problem is the difficult in some stages, like, ok i leveled up my entire team with 5 stars characters, upgraded the skills and other stuff, but still couldn't pass??? Also, the story itself is not interesting and don't catch much your attention. As i said, it's a cool game, but can get better.. fun game crashes randomly quite a bit just started when fixed and after 2 days will give 4 or 5 star. Oyunu yaklak 1 haftadan beri oynuyorum. Ksa deneyimlerimi aktarmak isterim. Hikaye : Hikayesi ksa gibi ama fena deil. Grafikler : Grafik olarak zengin deil ama net ve anlalabilir. Optimizasyon : Oyunun optimizasyonu gerekten ok iyi. Oyun akc ve pil tketimi ok az. Sesler ve mzik : dare eder. Gatcha sistemi : SSR rate oran %2,5 olarak belirlenmi. Biraz daha yksek olmasn beklerdim. Pity sistemi var o da 100 olarak belirlenmi. Denemeye deer.. It's a wonderful game to play.

I cant claim half of my rewards for some problem about action points and idk how to fix it. This game is perfect the best game I give it 5 star the characters and sounds are amazing I am playing this game from 3 years and I'm still not baord. Amazing Game this has a lot of improvement and I am so glad I tried this. Hopefully I can help promote this game.. Time for energy every 5 minutes is too long should be 1 min per energy.. seems okay so far, i got two gold characters after doing maybe 60 draws.

The game is great but the loading is not so great, people will leaving this game because of the loading, trust me please fix the loading... Awesome game just what I was looking for. I give *3 cause not fully 3D graphic. It's actually awesome if you have patience and time to spend. For some reason i keep getting Request Rejected error and i have to play using a vpn even thought it available on google play in my country apparently i cannot reach the server unless using vpn.

The game was fun and I haven't stumbled to any bugs yet, the reason I am giving a 4 star because I couldn't find a way to reset the hero I used before but overall the game is pretty fun and exciting to play with.. Very pay to win and gatcha rates is the worst i've ever seen. Not worth the time or effort.. Beautiful game...plenty of rewards to keep you going without hitting a pay wall for a good while, typical cut-offs for getting achievements t9 keep you coming back after the server reset, but other than that, very immersive. My only problems are: The translation needs to be updated so the story can be enjoyed more, and the damage output needs to be tweaked up from warriors (damsge dealers and attackers)for PVE missions.. This is a very nice smooth game with lots of fun and many types of heros there are different battles for new achievements and had to make strategy during the fight love this game very much . You should play it right now . Rate summon very bad. Hard to get diamond. Easy to spend. But your hero rate ssr very low. Bye2.

Loved the game was really fun, but I can't seem to play anymore after the latest update the game crashes during start up. It is a good game but Its just sad that I lost my original account after the update. Good so far. Plenty of free gems and engaging gameplay that hasn't gotten boring yet. Could you add more season clan war functions, add friends and friend vs. great graphics. but cant see the curser most of the time making it hard to navigate..

Not bad,could improve just a little tiny weeny bit. Alas,I start playing when the Nova event is half the way.Want that sexy musketeer for myself.. Worst gacha rate I've ever seen. The game's honestly fun, but it would be nice to add an "IDLE" way. It would make the game more fun and more players would enjoy the game. For example, take Mobile Legends Adventure. It has IDLE rewards and is a popular concept nowadays.. Great game, more power please keep the game alive for more years. The game is good but has crashed continously recently.

Hi love your game its amazing perfect gameplay very much enjoyable but 1 problem i have it keeps crashing after a minute or two in the pls help thanks. Looks good but screen keeps on freezing. Game is okay, but puts u against higher level players right from the start. Game is slow progress.. Can't even play this game, always a dialogue pops up saying "check your internet connection" even though having excellent internet speed... Very entertaining and enjoyable game, the art and character designs are well done. I lovw the different designs of the enemies aswell as the reward system it is very fair toward the player. it's okay.. quite good..hmmmm...(update) hmm..good..not bad..but...if f2p it becomes hard .... Its a really really fun game where the gsme provides most of the things yku need for free , the characters design is really nice and over all is a really nice game. I am enjoying playing the game.Alot of things to do.. Cant play game properly. Game cant even load properly. Always encountering network issue prompt, even if my connection's very fast. I have tried playing in different devices and different network connections with the same issue. And this only happens on this game. Probably something to do with server issues. Will be uninstalling until issue us fixed. Smooth play but not that impressive game... What do you think about that heroes level will based on your account level? TOO SLOW AND RIDICULOUS! This is the first rpg game that I only see this feature lol This game will take TOO MUCH TIME to grow your entire team I must say. Also, no special gift for new players even one SSR hero or 10 free summon... The equipment seems only to upgrade not to loot any equipment only materials which is so lame... Not appealing unfortunately so 2 is deserved.

Good game. Gacha system could be improve so we could get better chance to get SSR char. A very fun game. And I like collection games so it's even better. I love the character designs and voice acting. Visually pleasing graphics. These things are very important for me when playing fighting games. A great time killer as well. Does require strategic gameplay so does require thinking at point. Very fun though and do recommend. Only downside is the constant crashing, but that may just be my device.. What kind of game is this in the middle of grinding its always freezing pls fix this. Wow a hidden gem!! I didn't install this game before because they had shown screenshot of Characters with Chinese language in it. I thought it was only for them. Damn this game is soo good. I hope Dev do not abandon this game!!. too low! but very easy to play. Thanks!.

I like grinding at my free time so like the game. Well after just 2days of playing it is now completely unplayable it keeps on crashing. Nice gameplay but hard to finish the campaign. great game, not updating after this last patch so i cant play fix it asap please. Really like concept of game, rewards are fair, graphics are good, no lag or connection issues, ads r optional. just becomes kinda grindy pretty quick since there is no idle concept to help you progress. So for me I just got bored..

Its ok and all but its getting on my nerves that i got sent to home screen all the time.. Good graphics, easy to play, leveling is easy.. So far so good , simple and clean. Hi new to the game i enjoy it alot graphics gameplay everything one big problem some others tht are also facing is the time when the game crashes and goes back to homescreen often happened to me so please.. i speak on the behalf who also experience this problem as i do and good game. The game is okay, but the game has a problem of crashing randomly.

I like this game so much. game hay nhng vn cha ti u tt cho my tm trung chi cm thy kh l lag. Makes the phone very hot, is playable? Im worrying my phone gonna be explofe. I like it. More then some.. pointer keeps dissapearing and graphics are terrible. its stuck in full screen on my chrome book and its a side scroller. needs massive improvements to be worth anyones time in this day and age.

I like these game alot because of time passing. This game is fun and cool I love it . Umm... so first I was about to log in the game it litterally crashes, um alot lately. Can you please fix this?. Game quite good, good animation and good heroes design.Grind alot but feel rewarded.. The overflowing reward for returning user was a lie eh? I'm pulling back my stars.

Came back to the game after a long absence. Problems with ads and hacking. Developers, why do you call items 'free' when an ad viewing is needed to obtain it? It's not for a summon. This takes away from game continuity and enjoyment. I was surprised after so long being away from the game that I could jump right back in where I left off. Ad viewings should be taken for the device intrusions they are and not considered part of free game play. Read the comments and take in the complaints.. It lags a lot on different servers for some reason, and sometimes even kicks me.out of the game. That's the only reason I'm giving this a 4star. But designs, characters and lore is good. Dropped the game because on how bad the gacha rate system was... Nice game... Good character art... Decent story so far(needs improvement).... Some Characters are need of voice... Need different character story as side stories... Does have potential so 4 star... Keep it up!. Trash game. In the first day , i played more than 8 hours .At that time game was stopping In every 20-30 minutes but next day the game doesn't even opened. It's nice to play for short time only..

It's fun paced game , easily addicted. Awesome so far. Terrible rate per 10 draws.. Good game if you like epic seven combined with king's raid. Hope further update, you can have option to on and off per heroes like kings raid. And more events.. Literally unplayable. First few seconds upon logging in the game, I was experiencing lags then followed up by a sudden crash. I already quickly did set the game quality to low but still with same result. Hopefully you can optimize the lag of the game since I was really interested playing it. Thank you.. Nice game,but it's impossible to form the team you want.Only random summon with 0.07 chance.Might be the worst summon rate I saw..

Cant even update the game. You need to improve your app or just delete the game. Its useless. Maganda sana kaso do mag down load uwwwwwuuh. Gacha rate is low. I feel tired when i'm trying to reroll treasure and i decide to uninstall this game.. The game has decent art and animation but these people did it again just absolute failure of a game. Please do one Warrior a banner! Two warriors in one banner is just Stupid one star for stupidity. Considering the amount of free diamonds the game provides..They ask too much of an achievement from the F2p players.

Fun game. Five star if there was less crashes (about one in 10 mins). Feel free to add more challenges/contents to spice up the game. . Auto game with genshin tier gacha rate. This app is so lag plsss....can u make it a little bit faster..... good game, simple but still ok.

Game is good but ssr summon rate is trash lol :(. not a bad game, same like sword master story but this game have japanese theme.. Gak bisa donwload, stuck di tengah". Very cool game with nice graphics. The game is not too easy as you have to keep upgrading your characters. There are many different game modes to play so it does not get to repetitive .. need alot of grinding n the hero rate so low n very hard to get.

I am hiding the other stars just like the team arena hides the enemy power. bad server.i keep getin disconection every 2 minute,cant play the game well it was realy anoying,oh i have very good and stable conection,its you game who have an issue. Fun game. Bugs and crashes stop me from giving 5 stars.. The best game cut please more SSR summoning charatures. Yokia in my good game i like anime ever.

It doesn't load. I'm easy to talk to I uninstalled . Rate below 1 star if possible. This is a BS app. Beautifull game,relaxing,nice anime style graphics,large collection of characters,fluent gameplay,enjoy. This is a great game . The combat is simple and effective being deep the more you get into the game. There is alot of do here from the daily actions, to being the best in the world, getting your characters to max and all the achievements. The artwork is really since it is based off Tokyo mythology. The skills are pretty useful throughout. Though I would say I don't like that this game can freeze at times while playing. The game does require plenty of grinding later on but it is still good.. Too plain and straightforward, even for mobile games.. Nice , good game and look pretty design ssr.

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