GiftCode - Updated on January 6, 2023

The military theme of gaming applications has been, is and will always be one of the most popular and interesting. This time you have the opportunity to play the strategic simulator Sandbox: Strategy & Tactics, where everything takes place during the Second World War. Your task is to initially select the troops of one of the 39 countries and become its commander in chief. In the first levels, only 10 will be available to you, but then the possibilities will be wider.

List of Codes Expiration date
YHV213UCMBL August 29, 2022
A1TGBEROMZ August 24, 2022
QYBH0OJX6 August 11, 2022
5A2CY4ZDQ6G August 4, 2022
SOHNPRY25D9T July 20, 2022
13OC5GZ9RWS August 10, 2022

Sandbox: Strategy & Tactics will feature exciting guerrilla and amphibious operations. Each gaming session will captivate you with its uniqueness. It’s always interesting when apps take unexpected twists and turns. For example, it may happen that in one of the countries an unexpected coup d’état begins. Yes, anything can happen, and you should be ready for it! Create your own story! Think carefully about your tactics and strategy, and in the end you will definitely be able to emerge victorious!

Sandbox: Strategy & Tactics impresses with suitable music, good sound effects, simple controls and great gameplay! Download and play as real states!

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