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Welcome to essentially the most thrilling journey sport! Can you experience a breathtaking time journey and be the protagonist of this story? Consider that you may be Sarah, working in New York, and you assume you’ll have found your love. Ultimately, the whole thing goes incorrect, and it is advisable to disappear and start a new model life. Abruptly a miracle happens, and again you appear in an exceedingly utterly different actuality in England’s nineteenth century. Right here, you will dip into the thrilling world of a middle-aged journey, enhance your travel experience, obtain new associates, examine farms, and more.

Sarah’s Adventure Time Travel Mod APK (Unlocked)

Very colorful and beautiful game keep updateing and improving please and thankyou . Fun game. Just the right amount of challenge.. Great type of game if you want some type of Adventure and travel in time. best game I have played yet. I liked this game at first, but it won't unlock prizes after the task is complete. The adds are extremely annoying and intrusive. This game tried to acces my personal data and was flagged by my anti virus, I deleted it.. I have a feeling I will eventually come back and rate this game again, but for now, I've just started playing and haven't had time to decide if I like it or not, but in order to get more rewards it's contingent on my rating the game now. Maybe after I've had at least a few days to play I'll figure out if I like it or not, until then, I can't fairly rate this game anymore than 3 stars.

NICE GAME SO FAR, JUST DOWNLOADED. Ok so far quick first 5 levels but lagging. No game should require access to our photos (that's personal). UNINSTALLED CAN'T BE TRUSTED. While the game is fun I really am not liking the leveling up of the island. I'm level 37 ish but can't unlock new things until my property value is 32 or 33 or more. It is a lot more stable now. I had to delete and reinstall to keep from constantly knocked out of the game..

Takes too much energy for no more than you collect. I love this game it's fun great. Love the game - don't like that the animals can walk through buildings or fences . It would be more realistic if the characters could not walk through obstacles - there should be a skip button where there is dialog PLEASE ADD A SKIP BUTTON Today as I continue through and a new event has started - SADLY it is a previously played event that was added as a new event level 40. As a paying CX I think if the game is not going to be continued the CX's respectfully should be told!. Love the game but now we have to jump up 30 levels before we can go onto the next adventure! Kinda hard to do with just side adventures and on the home play. Really disappointing . Fun game, very nice graphics and story is great..

I wish you'd fix the energy problem ... I have 50 energy then I remove a weed for 16 energy then I get left with 5 energy .. last time I checked 16 from 50 isn't 5 .. please fix this then 5 stars. Great game I'm really enjoying playing this. I like the game it's addicting.. Costs too much to play Upgrades take too long and only mean new goals are unreachable without spending more money.. This game is a lot of fun. I would probably rate as 5 stars if the didn't have so many "Events" which take up so much time and resources. Updated to 5 stars because it is required for another event!!!.

I did the update and no it wont load at all. I enjoy the game and would love to continue playing, Hope they fix the issue soon.. I've been playing this game for a couple of months now and I'm simply addicted. I do run out of energy pretty quickly but am finding ways of earning more. The updates are great. I've had absolutely no problem with this game. Also these side stories are amusing. Love the challenges! 1/12/23-Adding to my above comment...the latest huge update is simply wonderful. The additional goal keep you coming back, reaching estate level 61 for continuation of regular story line is challenging Love it!. Addicting game,but I got a problem with the game, I downloaded it twice and it still doesn't let me play, please help me. I love searching the different maps especially the side quests. Nice game I can play longer than most games I like that. It's fun the different characters she meets along the way. I can spend money for extra items but I don't have to spend to get through things just work hard . Love this game. Please don't change..

Good game except having to buy energy to advance. Relaxing and I don't HAVE to buy unless I want to.. This game is a lot of fun for those who like to explore different areas and win frequent rewards. You also have a home town base that you can decorate and create different products to sell to others via an order board, train, and cargo ship. You can also help and be helped by other players in acquiring needed resources. In addition, extra strategy games are offered that allow you to earn more resources and prizes. This game has a lot of ways to have fun, and is so fun, it is addictive.. Would have loved to play the game, started it... keeps freezing. Since the most recent update I have not been able to play. It isn't my internet I've turned them off and back on. Other games and apps work just fine. Just the most recent update has messed up or something..

Best game ever! I've played games like this before but this one is very entertaining! Goals are very achievable, rewards are very nice! I could play all day!. Enjoying the game but it does require money to get along in the game. Just started to play so I don't know much yet.. Simply love this game. The game is great. You give plenty of energy. Most special boards are great. I would like to be able to tell how long it's been since my friends have played.. I love playing! The only frustrating item I've found is when the hot air balloon doesn't leave if not used. It is often in the way. Other than that, I enjoy the game. I play while listening to an audible book, often in between house chores. It provides a welcome break - giving puzzle solving and calming mental activity to a dull day. Thank you.

Love this game! I really enjoy all the new content and added adventures. It doesn't get boring. They are very quick to respond if you have a question. It is a very enjoyable game! It helps me relax from the stresses of the day! Totally worth downloading!!!. Pretty fun to play... though the higher you get in levels the harder things are to move on... I like the "extra" game play.. Fun game! Lots of ways to get extra energy and prizes! Been playing for months now and usually just play these type for days!. I simply love this game. I always get bored w/ games after a few wks. However, I've now been playing Sarah's Adventure for over a yr. It has made each day more enjoyable. I love all the daily tasks that you're able to do in your personal space. I'm always looking fwd to their weekly mini adventures. I get excited with each update as that means there may be new worlds that have opened up, new tasks, new buildings, & etc. I can't say enough good things abt this game. It is truly my favorite game.. Very fun to play! I love the new updates..

Get rid of the Dream challenges and lower the requirements for access to the new maps. The current requirements are an insult to longtime players and people who have spent money playing your game.. Leaving the 1 star. Notified you earlier today. Awaiting your response. The game won't allow me to make in-app purchases when my account shows an adequate balance. This is the only game I have this trouble with and it makes no sense. Got a "go ask Google" response that definitely didn't address the issue. Developers don't keep up with adding new maps and attempt to distract players with special events. Prizes not worth the effort. Most recent update is huge disappointment for players under lv 60. I really enjoy this game. Lots of events to play. Storyline is good. I'm still learning things about the game as I go but definitely enjoy playing.. I love playing the game but the longer your play the harder it gets, your always running out of energy quick and without spending money you dont aquire alot a lit of energy at a time at certain tasks or events, its the same with the coins. the longer you play and levels increase you have to use more and more coins to aquire things. I play for fun, adventure etc. but I can not afford to buy in game items. I give it 5 stars for fun, 3 for everyting else. This game is engaging with lots of challenges. The club allows interaction with your team and allows the players the ability to help each other..

I love this game. I played Farmville for years but since I started playing this game I play nothing else.. I love the graphics! Energy is not difficult to acquire so playing is enjoyable.. kind of addicted. Need to sort game out this get level 61 is a joke to play a new world. I love this game. It's my favorite and I play every day. I love that there are plenty of opportunities to earn energy. I don't like that we have to watch an ad every time we switch locations. That's a little annoying. Thanks for the update and new levels! Thanks for all the rewards as well!. Love the game and the limited time challenges. My little daily escape.

Good graphics and easy game play make this a worthwhile game.. New lands finally come and I have to be level 61 to even go to them... I'm only level 28 but have been playing forever and now I'm stuck.... Fun game would like more energy. Loads of adverts to watch to get enough energy to play a decent game.. In new updates I have to delete my other games to make up more space for this game that's insane Please fix .I don't want to delete this game cause I like it.

Just done an update an it's put me for level 28 back to level 1 done completely. Nice game so far, just started it. Always able to play every day with enough tools to spend time and make progress. Purchased are affordable if you want to get more play time or decorate your land. Love the story too.. Decent game. I think crops costing less would be beneficial, coins could build up quicker, ALL buildings could use an extra slot, another snack bar, less production time on some things, and could be a little bit cheaper on purchasing new buildings.. Love this game wish it could be up to the level of Sara's Adventure.

It's possibly one of the best farming games in the app store. You can actually play and complete events without spending tons of money. You do have to work at it, but your efforts are actually rewarded. Graphics are nice, storylines of events are good, and rewards are plentiful.. I just started playing and I love it. Thank you for making such an amazing and fun game. I appreciate you.. I enjoy this game, but it is very frustrating that you have to watch an ad when you are going back and forth between home and one of the worlds . Much better this after summer events. I love the game it fun.

Just wish it gave u more energy. Super fun, I love looking for all the hidden treasures. The graphics and story are great!!. Good fun , game is easy to obtain energy. Challenges are not overwhelming like other similar apps.. Used to enjoy the game up until the latest update that it makes you wait till your at level 61 to keep traveling. Frankly, 30 levels to complete to travel is ridiculous, when it takes a lot to reach levels. Game is expensive as well, to purchase energy. I didn't mind too much as long as I had new maps and adventures. Now its just farming or waiting for special events. BORING!!Never ceases to amaze me how a good thing can get screwed up by GREED!. I seem to be stuck on an early level and there's no obvious way to find help. It tells me I've collected all the items but doesn't let me move forward this is the second day it's said 0:10. Is it frozen?.

It needs more levels on the map. I just started playing. So far so good. Fun game so far. Very addictive.. I really enjoy this game and was very surprised with how much I like it. I play dragonscapes and family farm seaside and its just as good. Have not spent any money and I have still progressed easily.. Love it can't wait for more!!!.

Super fun. Love the story line. Like the side adventures. Like that you get extra energy to keep exploring.. Since the new update, the game is no longer enjoyable. The update makes no Since and no due to things need to reach a whole nother level on the new things, I now have nothing to do. It is not right that I am level 42 and still can't access making or doing things as I would have been able to prior to update. Can't get enough to jump all the way to 60 on update to go to the set cities that is required. Don't like it at all anymore. Bad update and very irritating!. I totally love this game. It's better than any other game I've played. I do wish that it gave an extra snack building because I can't keep up with all the sugar and sauces that I have to make. Other than that, this game is very entertaining. It keeps your mind off your troubles. Helps me with my depression too.. Awesome game!! I Love the storyline too.. Graphics are great and the game doesn't constantly kick me out! Still having a good time! The story grows nicely if you invest in some time!.

I love this game! Never glitches, or had any problems in the year I've been playing and it has so many options, mini games, extras that I never need to play anything else. Keeps me constantly busy and intrigued with all the new things they constantly add!. This game has a little bit of everything! Farming, exploring, building and story!. Love love this game! I'm so addicted I've been playing non stop for 6 months... i log in for different daily rewards .every single day! And the events are so fun. The graphics are really creative. I absolutely love the water. It's so beautiful! Amazing support team.if ever I have an issue, support is there with a reply, very helpful and never takes them long to respond. the different characters are so interesting! Especially the ones that are right out of our world history.such a clever game!. Awesome game. It gives me more energies. I like it, but the sound isn't working. I have a new tablet, so I know it isn't that..

relaxing, does not feel like work. Still loving this game though it is starting to use more energy, thankfully still plenty of chances to get extra for free.. Amazzzzzing game I tell everyone how addictive it is and its awesome how great the developers do so many events for us!!!!!. I am enjoying the game more now that I have gotten further but I find I still have to restart a lot because it slows and freezes.. Great growth. Recently opened up the game and there is so much to do. Keep me busy for hours!.

Love the game bc it's realistic quests and goals you can make w/o paying for energy, which is why I continue to play. The last few updates seem to include influences from other similar games-- and not positive aspects of other games. Stay on your own path to continue to stand out.. Enjoy it. Wish energy was used up so quickly. But its a interesting game.. I love this game. I play it every day. Only complaint I have is the ads when traveling between lands. I don't mind ads in other places with the game, but in between lands is just too much.. I love adventure games so this is right up my alley. Great game play.. Could be a little better. I am on level 31 but won't let me update from 29 ?.

A super fun game that will keep you busy for hours, Sarah's Adventure is a keepsake game - which means I will keep this one on my phone. I can tell the team that developed and constantly update this game really care about details because none have been spared in this cool adventure. Check it out! You will not be disappointed.. I love the game, but you really messed it up having to get to 61 estate rating to move forward. Time for me to find a new game to play. I must say, this is an addicting game. When I first downloaded I wasn't expecting to actually get hooked. Now I'm level 30 busting tail to get to level 60 so I can continue my time travel! It's super fun. And it's super awesome! I love the little side stories they bring in. They keep me occupied and allow me to use stocked up energy! I have tried other games that are similar, but none can compare to Sarah's Adventure.. I love playing Sarah's Adventures, I play the game multiple times a day.. Plus points you can collect as much materials as you want, storage is never full. Energy is better than most game's. It's an interesting game. Only one down point, to many adverts, but if it's the price you have to pay for the plus points, I'm willing to pay it. 5 star's from me. Still 5stars from me..

I just started last night and I'm already addicted!! I love it, thanks to Evermerge 3 for showing me this game!!!. This is my favorite game. Role play mixed with farming and building, plus the animals. Energy is always a problem, but that comes with any game like this. It's a plus when you have some good people in your club (if you join a club).. I am so obsessed with this game! The last update was disappointing however as you cannot progress through the maps until you have reached level 60. The side quests are not enough to keep you busy while you're trying to level up and continue with the game. Also, I don't believe there should be a limit on the number of friends you have. Limiting members allowed to join a club is one thing, but limiting regular friends is not really fair. On the whole, this is one of the best games I play.. I must say this game has been rewarding for me I can't seem to stop playing it because of all the wonderful stories and you can receive lots of rewards now you can't get any better than that my goal is to stick around for a while to see where all the adventures lead me so excited to to have found this game when I did it has given me something to look forward to everyday keep up the good work and I will be a trusted player HAPPY NEW YEAR. It is most exciting to play a game without exploding puzzles..

I just love this game I play everyday. Fun to play. Keep me busy for a little bit the fish. I had more energy that's all.

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