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The theme of zombies will most likely never exhaust itself, because what could be more pleasant than blaming someone for negligence or a mistake that led to the zombie apocalypse. And perhaps it is pleasant for people to think that there is a chance of such a tragedy for humanity, thanks to which it will be possible to go out into the street and “wet” everyone you see, justifying security measures to yourself. In any case, the zombie theme is still popular and the next game is from this steppe.

List of CodesExpiration date
CSXPE9185ALSeptember 20, 2022
KPVTU9L2AISeptember 25, 2022
0ZR826IJTAugust 15, 2022
OCIA6GSVZFNAugust 26, 2022
4XQEHT5NIVYJAugust 26, 2022
RSNEIUPZGKMAugust 23, 2022

SAS: Zombie Assault 3 is a story about how in the near future, near-minded scientists, having made a mistake, cursed all life on earth with such a gift. You will play as one of the fighters of the elite airborne unit, who is not used to asking questions, and is not eager to start. He knows only one thing – there is an order and it must be carried out.

The game will offer several modes in which you can act as a lone hero, or play in a team with a computer, which, of course, will die before you. Plenty of gameplay options on a decent amount of maps make for a pretty good opportunity to kick off and let off some steam. Attach here more than 40 types of weapons and a multi-level (about 50) character development system. And as soon as you understand how cool this game is, immediately finish yourself off with the news that there is also a multiplayer in the game, in which there are even more game modes.

Shoot, kill, develop, survive.

Download ( V3.11 )
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