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Sausage Man is a fun adventure in the royale battle genre, where you will appear as brave fighting sausages, ready to kill everyone and everything. Here you can run, jump, drive cars and, of course, destroy enemies from a large selection of weapons. The application is optimized for touch screens, so it’s a pleasure to play it on your phone. With this game, you will spend many hours in fun battles, destroying insidious enemy sausages.
Game Features:

Sausage man
 Codes Wiki (2023 February) 15.07
All Codes Expiration date
FLH92S3M6PW March 17, 2023
C7BF95TKMH February 24, 2023
YPKJ0ZS95 February 17, 2023
8MOW4CNUP5H March 3, 2023
1ZDNQHP4L92B February 20, 2023
GVBALC513ZO February 18, 2023
A0K4PWE1MLV March 2, 2023
KNE34WL1VS February 17, 2023
5E93UJXD8 February 10, 2023
YOVQ3FIRBKU January 29, 2023
HWDZJL2OM40K February 22, 2023
02XJCDEYWNQ March 20, 2023
  • convenient management;
  • many vehicles;
  • a wide arsenal of weapons;
  • colorful graphics;
  • fun gameplay.

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