Game Mobile - Updated on September 18, 2023

Scary Mansion is an amazing and very beautiful quest that will appeal to horror fans and give them plenty of amazing and bloody action. The user is invited to stay in a creepy mansion built from planks many years ago because of the terrible events that happened here.

Scary Mansion (Mod Unlimited Money) 1.110

Scary Mansion

Players will have to confront ghastly creatures, ghosts, all kinds of monsters and monsters, while trying to survive, unravel the many secrets and mysteries of this place, and then escape. without any trouble. The project offers simple joystick control, beautiful animated graphics with modern effects, matching music and sounds, a sea of ​​locations and discoveries, enhancements, and levels. device item.

Scary Mansion

Immerse yourself in the horror atmosphere and Scary Mansion investigations and try to find the source of what happened here and who is responsible. Walk carefully along quaint hallways, as floorboards can creak, and this will attract unwanted interest in your partner. Face terrifying ghosts and monsters and run, hide or engage in desperate confrontation.

Scary Mansion

Use mods for immortality and earn money to greatly simplify your tasks and not be afraid that the character will die behind the nearest airplane stairs. Explore the halls and bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms, lofts, and cellars to hear the groans of the disgruntled dead. Collect notes and quirks and think about where to apply them. Notice the smallest details and compare old data. Open the ancient door and face the real witch and the ancient evil. Challenge the evil spirits, unravel what happened, and win.

Download ( V1.110 )
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