APK - Updated on July 23, 2022

Scary Pranks is a feature-packed phone app that’s funny, but by no means harmless. Get scared yourself and play pranks on friends and family.

List of Cheats Code Expiration date
D9S3RM85610 September 10, 2022
UV5AS89QE3 September 12, 2022
T0PYM3HF5 August 12, 2022
6G3KZT9BIWX July 31, 2022
UYBWE8XMG726 September 1, 2022
XF2UDRONVHI September 15, 2022

This is a collection of jokes, the action of which is based on the effect of surprise, loud screamers and pictures from horror films. Very funny, but just think carefully who you’re scaring! For people with a sick heart, a pregnant woman or a person with an unbalanced psyche, your joke may cost too much.

For everyone else, this is a great way to inject adrenaline into the bloodstream.

Prank your friends or relatives with some funny scary stories. “Phone Guard” will scare the hiccups of anyone who decides to take your mobile phone without asking. “Call from Hell” will wean you from answering other people’s calls. Fake Camera, Cute Kitty, Broken Screen, Fake Game, and Color Blind are ways to purposefully scare your friends. It’s funny, but after these jokes, you can have a great decrease in friends. A nice bonus will be the recording of the reaction of the person being played on the front camera. If a friend appreciates the joke, you can also laugh at the expression on his face on the recording.

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